Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Reds, Golds and Creamy Trees

Having a home and 2 stores can be so very much fun when it comes to decorating. I can play with color and looks in each venue, as the spirit moves me. This morning, I went and played with red and gold at Winnie & Tulula's.
If you like what you see, you better come shop now. It will look different for the Open House, November 27 and 28.

I hear Robelyn from Red Neck Chic carried this gold bedspread around at a sale last Saturday. And then she changed her mind. What? Have you seen the bags she makes? Here's her Etsy store. Go look. I'll wait. I imagine she could have worked some magic spinning this gold!
2009November11 003
Even though I enjoy working with a neutral pallet, these reds and golds were fun!
2009November11 006
I know y'all don't care about all this. You want to know about the creamy Christmas trees from yesterday's post, don't you? I got them. he he he I can't wait to play with them. And yes. I will keep you posted on when and where they might make a public appearance.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I know you didn't like the color of those trees..can't you hit them lightly with spray paint? Wonder if that would work??

  2. Tami, I am bewildered by the color. I'm not sure I don't like it. We'll see what I come up with. hmmm...

  3. I love the gold and red. And I love the wall behind it all--great patina--want to copy that somewhere...

  4. Hey Mindy, I did what Carole did at Maynard Greenhouse. I spraypainted an ugly green tree. Turned out pretty good, It's sort of pewtery now, I think I like it. It was some work, though.
    Love the red and gold, really sets a Holiday mood. Somethin's in the mail for you. Probably Friday.

  5. Those plaster walls are amazing, aren't they? Not easy to put a nail through, though.

    Debra, I plan to keep the color. Might do a glitter spray. Or pop with golds or reds. Who knows?

  6. Hi Mindy

    Thanks for the encouragement your terrific!!! Great post too!! Love visiting at your blog.

    Have a great week

  7. Mindy, I love the reds and golds but that robbins egg blue too peeking through on that back wall. Beautiful. Now, where are those Christmas trees?

    (Thanks for taking time with Henry and Ruth. Yes, love.)

  8. I love your splashes of color. But then I love everything you do, so I might be biased!

  9. You are just TAUNTING me with that spread aren't you?!!? ROFLMBO!!! I will say Ms. Talented woman - it looks GREAT in your display! Well...until I can get to it anyways... HA! I am drooling over the red and gold!

    Thank you for the shout-out and Etsy Lovin'! My passion... walking off with bedspreads (amongst other things) and walkin' back in with a "bed in a bag". HA! Oh...I kind of like that...Hmmmm....

    And the red lamp? GORGEOUSNESS!!! Did you nest the red bird in there somewhere? I've gotta go check this stuff out in person...

    Thank You!!! ;-)

  10. Robelyn, I can't believe I didn't think to take the red bird. This is the problem with living an hour away from that store. It's not always easy to prepare. Bed in a bag. Love it! If you change your mind again, holler. Yes. Go see. Soon. Two weeks from now, I am quite sure, all that red will be Outta There. And you're welcome. I think you're the bomb. ~Mindy

  11. Love the gold bedspread! You did a really nice job setting everything up to look very attractive.

  12. Mindy, you girls have way too much fun in Texas. Wish I could come and join you :( Loving the pictures!


  13. I love it, the RED is the ticket!! Hugs, Janna

  14. Great display Mindy! And cool trees in previous post.

  15. Hey, Mindy
    I haven't been around lately...the seasonal thingy, you know..Love the two cream trees! I just sprayed some smaller trees with silver glitter...what fun...think they turned out great!
    My Best

  16. Makes me want to get into my booth and decorate!!! Love it!

  17. I love that pallette. My fave colors for the holidays, red and creams and ecru!


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