Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Glamping in Oklahoma

Have you ever been glamping? Do you know what glamping is? Glamping is Glamorous Camping.

Imagine, if you will, 100+ acres of Oklahoma land. Trees and land filled with natural habitats. Trails for hiking and 4 wheeling. River access for kayaking and fishing. Tree stands from which you can view nature. Are you with me? Do you love nature but hate the hassle of packing for a getaway? When glamping, shelter is provided, be it a camper, cabin or a tent set up under the stars. Fires are built for you. Gourmet meals are prepared. You bring clothes and your camera, and everything else can be provided. Are you familiar with glamping?

This past weekend, David, my sister and I enjoyed the beginnings of my cousin and her partners' glamping haven. Just over 2 years ago, Pam and Cara purchased 60 acres and the work began. They have since expanded their dream to 100 acres. Wow! One weekend at a time, they are building Rock Creek Retreat.

Wanna see one of the coolest things on their land? It's a bridge. They own a bridge. I think I have bridge envy. I do. I do have bridge envy.
My Cousin's Bridge
Can you imagine enjoying a dance on a bridge overlooking the river? Ah, the possibilities for some great events at this venue.

Cousin Pam was a wonderful hostess waking us in the morning with scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy. Yum!

Cousin Pam
You know I was interested in the cool old stuff they've found on their land. Old bottles, fossils, turtle shells, skulls and bones of various animals. I loved this old rusty sign by the bridge. Something about the load capacity.
Old sign
I think David's favorite "finds" were the photographic opportunities everywhere.
David working the lens
Here's a picture I took of the lichen.
Bridge Lichen
Wanna see more? Click here for more Rock Creek Retreat pics taken by Cara.

One night, some years ago, some really bright folks built a fire on the bridge. The bridge that is made of wood. Wanna see what happens when you build a fire on a wood bridge?
Walking across the bridge
A hole. You get a hole. If you look close, you'll see the river down below.

Did I mention I love the bridge?

Cara said I can't have it.

Cabins are in the works. A tree house (literally) has been built, complete with a fireman's pole. A dance barn is in the future. I can't remember all the plans they have!
Rock Creek Retreat is going to be a heck of a glamping destination for couples, families or large parties to gather and make memories. When they open for business, you will be the first to know. They said I could tell you first. See? You like them already, don't you?

Happy Tuesday!

ps. A blog party in Oklahoma!? Hmmmm

pps. Today is my very own mother's birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom!


  1. It was a great time! Still working on my pictures. The weather didn't cooperate with good photographic light, though. It would be awesome to visit in the spring and maybe bunk in that treehouse!

  2. What a great idea! I love nature and being out there enjoying it, but ooohhh how I hate to pack all the "stuff" to camp out. This looks perfect!
    Love the bridge!

  3. Fantastic! We used to go camping on a regular basis, but the older I get the less I enjoy sleeping on the ground! I love nature, so this Glamping is the perfect solution!! Now I just need to be transported to Oklahoma!!!
    My Best, Mindy

  4. Oh my gosh!!! Why didn't you just pack up that bridge and bring it home with you? Geesh...
    Do you know how FUN that looks?!!? And really... you can't beat breakfast over a camp fire!!! I hope David danced with you on the bridge!!!

    I'll be a glamping customer FOR SURE!!! I'll even bring my sparkly sleepin' bag and blinged out flash light and pink hiking boots with sparkly laces...surely I'll fit right in to the glamp, right?

    Yay Pam and Cara! I want to sleep in the tree house!!!

    ;-) (I hope you did at least bring that killer sign home with you....)

    merci beaucoup,
    the attractive french nurse.


  5. Happy Birthday, Mindy's Mom! Make sure that Mindy bakes you a big old cake!

    Love your Oklahoma pictures! Building a fire on a wooden bridge didn't surprise me...considering it is Oklahoma! :)


    Did you get my question yesterday about the Cisco Depot piece?

  6. Glamping, as you call it, is the ONLY way this chick will go camping. I must take along my bed, shower, stove, refrigerator, closet . . . and the list goes on. I love nature. I just don't want to sleep in it. LOL

    Happy camping (I mean, glamping)

  7. Happy birthday, Mrs. Pn'P!
    I am an absolute sucker for transom bridges. C.D. will drive back and forth over them for me.
    Gotta say though, my idea of glamping is Motel 6...well maybe Ramada!

  8. Looks like that was a lot of fun, I love the bridge also. :-)

  9. That looks like a party waiting to happen!!
    Love that bridge too!! We have a couple of them around Columbus, (no holes though).

  10. Happy Birthday Mindy's MOM! Hope you enjoy your special day.

    Glamping sounds like my kind of camping. I've never been camping, but might be enticed. Will these cabins have running water?

    Glad you enjoyed the weekend. That's one cool bridge, but a fire on a wood? What were they thinking?? Even I know not to do that!


  11. Gale, I imagine there is some form of glamorous transportation between here and there. 1st class!

    Debra, I'll let you know next time we go. Maybe you can meet us there.

    Robelyn, bring on the glitz and glam! The more the merrier!

    MALisa, Mom says thank you. Email sent.

    Teresa, I bet you'd like this place. But, don't bring your fridge. They have one of those, too.

    Trash, Mom says thanks. The bridge amazes me. I'd set up a tent and sleep on it.

    Tracy and April, See? That bridge is amazing! I can't wait to see the pictures David took.

    FringeGirl, I think there will be different levels of comfort available. The tree house does not have water. There are plans for a shower/bath house, as I recall. The cabins we were shown the plans for are 16'x16'. Those cabins will have double bunk beds and a sitting area, along with front porches.

    I imagine as the camp/glamp grows and thrives, more plans will evolve. Pam and Cara....any input? ~Mindy

  12. Happy Birthday to you mom. Looks like a great place for a glampy (not sure that's a word) camping experience. That's the only kind I intend to have. None of that sleeping in a tent on the ground for me. How far is it from Mo? Jan

  13. Glamping?
    I'm smacking my head.
    That's cause I'm a really sturdy rough Canadian.
    Actually though, it sounds pretty darned fun.
    I bet it takes off like wild fire...hopefully not over that bridge!

  14. Live It Like You Mean It!November 17, 2009 at 6:57 PM

    Hello future glampers. The cabins will have purified drinking water and electricity. However, the bathhouse will come later. There will be an outhouse a short hike away. Everyone needs a "I was on my way to the outhouse late one night when..." story.
    Stay tuned for progress. We're hurrin' as fast as we can. Just not enough weekends in a week.

  15. This place looks awesome! I would love to take my boys out there! They would love it! I love the pictures of the bridge. I will have to check out all David's pics.

    Happy B-day to your Mom!


  16. Sounds (and looks) AWESOME! Glamping is the only way you'd get me camping! Do I envision a junkers getaway????

  17. By the way, Robelyn, don't think for a minute that I'm not still cracking up at your response. No, I didn't take the sign! The only thing I took were railroad nails. Did I mention a train runs by their property? Such a cool thing.

    Jan, I'm not sure. They are outside of Dougherty, not far from Turner Falls.

    Erin, as always I loved your play on words.

    Did y'all see that Live it like you mean it replied? That would be our glamping hosts! And when they say outhouse, they mean running water. I clarified. Whew!

    Adrienne, the boys would love it! There was a little boy there (age 7) when we were there and he eats that place up!

    Sue, Junker's getaway, indeed! I saw some antique joints in Davis, just up the road. We'd have to shop between nature lovin'.

    Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes for Mom. She's been checking in all day and she appreciates it. ~Mindy

  18. I'm a glamper from way back. Yep, I love the bridge, too.
    Happy now belated birthday, Mindy's Mama!

  19. Happy Birthday Ma!

    Damn it Mindy...I'm going straight to hell in a race car now! I'm totally jealous with bridge envy and photographic opportunities and...

    Did someone say party? When?

    everything vintage


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