Friday, November 6, 2009

Sunday Sale in Poetry

I do believe that I mentioned my messy barn. It had become a place to throw what I could, when I could. It had also become impossible. See?
Messy Barn - Eek!
Last weekend, I got busy cleaning, decluttering, throwing stuff on the burn pile and setting goodies out for private shoppers.
My Barn 049
Can you appreciate my hard work?

A few things have been snatched up since I mentioned it earlier this week. Here's your last chance. If you are local and are interested, I will open up the barn for shopping this Sunday from 1-4. But, you must RSVP to, otherwise, I'm going to box it all up for auction and do something else Sunday.

The facts:
1. Prices are cheap.
2. I am not inclined to mail anything.
3. Nor am I inclined to deliver.
4. I am not inclined to hold anything til kingdom come.

Head to Poetry and check it out, live, with your very own eyes. If you would like to peruse what I have taken pics of, click here. FYI, there are more goods on the side of the barn, and in a couple other outbuildings. This wonderful, oak marquis display piece from the US Post Office is currently in my workshop. Reckon I get much work done in there?
glass front marquis from us post office
Yes. It is heavy. I'll help you load it. One way or another, a whole lot of this stuff is leaving Sunday.

For you non-locals, sorry to bore you. Here's a picture of things to come at Primitiques or Winnie & Tulula's.
Balls 001
Happy Weekend!


  1. Dang.....I want it ALL!!! But I can't!!! I'm at the stinkin' races! Can you over totally rockin' junk? Geez - at some point I have to get my priorities straight!!! Lovin' the pink tool box! LOL Really, I'm slapping myself on the forehead...

    I hope you have a good "clean-out" sale and I'll make up for the lost "hog"...i promise! LOL

    ;) robelyn

  2. Girl! You'd slap yourself even harder if I told you how cheap that pink toolbox sold for! Have fun out there and don't get dizzy watching the cars go in circles. K? ~Mindy

  3. Ohhhhhh...that sucks.
    Just tell me what town you live in and I will pout until the Divine Mr. M brings me@!!!!!

  4. Angelique, I am in Poetry. Your gps will know me as Terrell. If you come all this way, I will open up Primitiques which is 5 minutes away from my abode. Just for you.

  5. I wish I could come shop your barn, alas I live in Idaho. But I enjoyed checking out your blog and laughed out loud at your "rust dust" and licking your finger on accident. As a fellow junker, I can definately relate.

  6. Mindy, good girl for getting all of this stuff out of your storage. I have been dragging it out for one year now. I am getting there but I should have done what you are doing...I am soooo
    sorry I didn't. My life would have been so much easier and better. Happy sales to you! sandi

  7. Hmmmm, it's mighty tempting! Maybe I shoulda just slept in Troy's warehouse 'til Sunday and driven up from Waco to see you. Hey, he had a comfy couch in there!

  8. Girl, you've seen my barns...where would I put anything else?

  9. Oh My! If only I lived closer...I see several items I would snatch up!
    Good luck on you sale...I'm sure you will unload tons of great stuff!

  10. I guess we all do stuff with the thought of re-doing and months later, it is still there. I finally rented a storage shed, cleaned out my garage enough to get my car in, and last week I realized the storage shed was full and had to put stuff in my garage parking spot again! I need to have a clear out the garage sale also. Great Stuff...good luck.

  11. Man I wish I lived closer! You have great treasures!!! Don't you love the feeling of decluttering and starting the burn pile? I know I do. Just to chuck it full all over again. It's a vicious cycle, but we are so in love with it! Krista

  12. Wow, Mindy! I sure wish I lived closer! I live in deep South Texas.

    I am hoping to stop by my booth today. I hope it has lots of "holes". *keeping my fingers crossed*

    Have a great sale!


  13. Good job cleaning out your barn. Hope you sell it all. Then you can go buy more! :)

  14. I know how good you must have felt to clean out!! I did the same last weekend, I piled it up in the drive and called over my friend Rachel, all gone !!! Now I can pile more in... Hope all is well, Hugs, Janna

  15. Too bad I am just a little too far....I will just have to wait and shop all your awesomeness at Zapp! I hope you sell heaps! :)


  16. Hey could you hold that piece from the post office until the fall show in Warrenton? Kidding! I love that you are so blunt and know yourself. Shipping and holding is a pain in the bootie.
    Wishing I lived in Texas (just for your sale) - Colleen


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