Thursday, November 19, 2009

Open House at Winnie & Tulula's

Black Friday, it beckons
to Athens we'll go
White Christmas at Winnie & Tulula's
Ho Ho Ho!
2009November19_ornaments 001
Can there be too many Ornaments
Glitter, Gold and Pixie Dust?
Silvers, Pinks and Greens
Shiny Brites are a must!
2009November19_ornaments 007
Friday or Saturday?
Will you be there?
Egg nog and Guest Vendors
Plenty of Food to Share.2009November19_ornaments 009
The Beads and the Baubles
in Silver and Gold
Who's coming? Do tell,
before I get old.
2009November19_ornaments 006
This poem must end
I'm getting so silly
Come see us in Athens
Don't be willy nilly!

Happy Thursday! ~Mindy


  1. I so want to come, but it's too far away. Perhaps in the future I'll get there one day.
    Good luck with the sale, says this friend via blog. If it's a bust, just drink you some nog!

  2. What happened, did you scare some elves in your driveway? Looks like someone had a wee accident!
    On Dancer, on Prancer, on Donner, and Blitzen...I'd be there at w&t's, if Thanksgiving dinner I weren't fixin!!!
    te he,

  3. mindy...that was silly...and also sweet;
    winnie and tulula's would sure be a treat!

    wishing i could be there,

  4. i think we're all lemmings; just look at us go!
    your poem was inspiring, that much i do know...


  5. Well, what can I say?
    I would love to go play,
    if I didn't live, so far away!

    Oh, and if you go to my blog,
    I will tell you why,
    I don't wear earrings,
    I promise, I won't lie.

    Well, my first poem was pretty good, right?


  6. Well that's just great...I gotta rhyme my comment!
    Why spend all your money at Sears or Tarjay?
    Come join us on Friday...where we'll let you play!

  7. It's too late to rhyme,
    but I'll see you next time,
    Alas, I must work,
    on your blog I shall lurk,
    Post pictures galore,
    of Christmas "junk" in your store!

  8. I only have one little thing to say,
    I won't be able to make that day, :(

    I love it.

  9. I totally stink at rhyming...
    But I'm trying to adjust my timing...
    Because I want to see pixie dust...
    Mixed in with some great rust.

    You had me at egg nog,
    The ornaments made my mind bog(gle)
    The tree topper needs to belong to me,
    It's crying out to be set free (to me.)

    So alas I hope to saddle up my reindeer (minus the sand - ouch.),
    and skid into Athens with great redneck cheer (with empty nog cup in hand - possible next day ouch.)
    But if I can't make it (I type with a pout)
    The nog cup won't be empty long (I'll be in Poetry to end the drought.)

    Good grief - I need the nog after that one...

    ;-) robelyn

  10. Your rhythms and rhymes
    They make me smile
    Y'all really went
    the extra mile.

    We'll sell and reset
    and take lots of pics
    With the dj's music,
    We'll get our boogy fix.

    I can't wait to see you
    I can't wait to show
    What I'm doing with my space
    I hope it doesn't blow!

    See you next Friday/Saturday! ~Mindy

  11. I'll help with the reset,
    And come for the show.
    Just please take me with you
    Wherever you go.

    I've grown to enjoy,
    These junk social mixers.
    I'll bring my best lenses,
    And take lots of pictures.

    For you are my love,
    And it's easy to see,
    There's no one around,
    As lucky as me!

  12. I love that man,
    There can be no doubt
    If you come between us
    I'll knock you out.

    I love your poem, honey
    Your words are magic to my ears
    I plan on keeping you around
    For the rest of my years.

  13. Uh, oh. You're both talking in rhyme...been reading too much Dr. Sues or hitting the eggnog? ;-)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  14. Wish I was in Texas
    to be closer to shop
    I'm in the Husker State
    and that is my fate.

    Eggnog and rust dust,
    and repurposing others junk
    Someday I will visit, I promise, I must,
    Winnie & Tulula's, be there or bust!!

  15. Hey Mindy ...Thanks for stopping by my blog ..I always enjoy reading yours !!! I guess I didn't realize you were in Winnie and Tululas ..we were just out there last month Tyler, TX visiting family and we went to W&T's to check it out ..what a cute place ..I loved all the finds that were displayed there. You all do such a great job !!! We are hoping to move to MO in the spring of the new year ..and I'll be comin down to canton ..Maybe we'll get to meet sometime ..that would be fun !!

    Well chat with you again soon...Blessings Sara

  16. I so want to go there!!! You are putting me in the decorating spirit ~ I am still waiting to see the brown trees.


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