Thursday, November 5, 2009

Poetry and Primitiques

I stepped outside today and guess what I heard. I heard leaves falling. Everywhere. Imagine bookoos of trees shedding their foliage. It was just beautiful. It was poetry in Poetry! I grabbed my camera and had a little fun.
Logs and Leaves #2
2009November5 006
Bumpkin heard a leaf.
Bumpkin hears a leaf
And then, she attacked.
Bumpkin Playing
After some fun in the leaves, I headed to Primitiques for some quick work.
2009November5 019
I got a few new things out and moved the old stuff around to "freshify" things. Don't you love this pew?
2009November5 017
And that's about all the fun I had this morning. Have you marked your calendar for Saturday, December 5, 11am - 4pm? Open House at Primitiques! Be there or be square.

Happy Thursday!



  1. Oh if that pew could talk, can you imagine the confessions... probably would make us blush.

    I love the sound of the leaves falling too. It is serene.

  2. Mindy, love your kitty! Have a nice weekend. sandi

  3. Hello
    Loved your post on the walking through them, makes me feel like a kid again.

  4. Hi Mindy , I love all the whites , especially the white pew! It sounds like you have a couple of special events coming up for Christmas, hope you have lots of fun! Sue

  5. Girl, if I were to fall down in the back yard now, it would be spring before C.D. would find me under all the leaves they're falling so fast!
    P.S. That is if he bothered to look for me!

  6. Oh, Mindy, I do love that pew... Nice job freshifying your space.

  7. I have mixed emotions with leaves right now. They are the colors. But they all seem to head straight for my pool. I think a leaves goal in life is to eventually clog up a pool filter. I do believe they hang on the trees and strategize how to fall and what wind it would take to make it into a pool. Silly, I know. Wonderful stuff...have fun.

  8. LOL I like the term "freshify"...that's a good one! HAHA! And LOVE the cat and all of the fun things you have in your freshly freshified space...

    Do you walk on the leaves just to hear them crunch? One of my favorite past times...

    ;-) robelyn

  9. Love that pew! I had to laugh...I didn't know other people said bookoo! I thought I was the only one! LOL!

    Have a great weekend Mindy!

  10. Great displays! Good luck at your open house.


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