Friday, October 30, 2009

Rust Dust

If you are what you eat, today, I am rust. Is the term "rust dust" universal? Or did I make that up?

Rust dust: (n) the fine, orange film left on one's hands after handling metal items with corrosion.

So, I was moving some stuff around.
102909Shopping 003
Unloading the truck. Pricing. Cleaning. Snacking on some cajun flavored nuts.
102909Shopping 001
Figuring out where to put things until I find room in my barn or stores. I unloaded this kick booty candelabra and this big, oversized, rusty, planter holder thingy. (Do you hate the finial as much as I do?)
Rust 002
At some point, I looked at my fingers and I thought I'd clean that cajun seasoning off with my tongue. Much to my surprise. I got a mouthful of rust dust. Oh, man! I am a grown woman. I know I know better. It is good cajun seasoning, but not worth that mistake!

Have you ever accidentally ingested anything you'd like to tell us about?

Happy Weekend! Yee haw!


  1. You're so smart! You must have known that 5% of women between the ages of 20 and 49 have iron deficiency!

    :-) Love you, baby!

  2. Oops! Make that 16%. See? That makes you even smarter!

  3. I figure by the time we move on to heaven we've eaten many pounds of detestable things that we had no clue about, but one of the funniest was when my daughter, who was newly married, and used to raiding our fridge and cupboard, came one day needing some spices for her "chicken chili" recipe. Well she found an old container of cumin and used it, but when she brought it back after complaining about the taste we looked and I realized that it was so old there were dead dry bugs in it, but no cumin. yuk. I don't think she ever told her new husband!! Now this is no reflection on my pantry, cleanliness, or cooking skills, OK?

  4. P.S. Love all your new goodies, Love that iron stuff, I'D eat rust to have them!

  5. Oh, Mindy...I'm sure cajun flavored rust is good for you! (you are current on your tetanus right?) Hey, anybody else think that feeling is kinda weird when the spray polyurethane has your eyelashes and nose hairs all sticky? Yes, I should know by now to wear a mask more often. But then, Mindy should know better than to lick her fingers...HAHAHAHA!!

  6. Debra, I would far rather lick rust dust than eat bugs! Ewww!

    Melissa, I hadn't even thought about my tetanus, but it is up to date. Whew! I can't imagine explaining that to my doctor.

    Well, I guess I could tell her about my concerns with iron deficiency! haha

  7. If you are what you eat, does that make me a ding dong?
    Doncha know girl, dust is our salt and pepper!
    P.S. Besides, if the aqua net hairspray hasn't got us by now...nothing will!

  8. i think it is the 'universe' telling you to get your iron levels checked - Hemochromatosis -

    on a lighter note - really loving that hat case - or is it a shoe case?

    looking forward to meeting you ..

  9. Troy, thems some mighty big words you're using! It is a hat case. Quite spacious and totally scrumptious...Yes? I'm rounding up a girlfriend or two (who won't want the same stuff I want *wink*) to come with me. Road trip! ~Mindy

  10. That rusty old planter thingy is super cool (yes, the finial doesn't suit it) - such a fab thing! p.s. as SweetMelissa says, make sure you're current on your tetanus shot, Mindy :)

  11. Hello Mindy
    Just consider it your daily intake of iron...
    Happy Halloween

  12. Hi Mindy,

    Oh no!... must have been awful eating cajun flavoured rust.
    Love all your new treasures and the birds in the previous post.

    Happy Halloween

  13. Have I ever accidentally ingested anything I'd like to tell you about...uh,no. Love that case, hat or otherwise. Cajun seasoning huh, too cute!

  14. You mean to tell me THAT'S what I've been eating here in Louisiana...rust dust? I sure thought that was some good Cajun seasoning...
    ma' sha, I need to be more careful me too!

    You crack me up Mindy!
    everything vintage

  15. Mindy, Thanks for dropping by and leaving such nice words.

    I don't think a little rust will hurt you, but now those cajun nuts may be could send them to me and then you would be out of danger.


  16. I accidentally ingested lavendar scented oil from an air freshner. Don't ask how, but I ended up calling poison control and admitting that I may have accidentally eaten a significant amount of this air freshner. It was one of my finer moments.

    Cool items and the cajun nuts sound good.

  17. LOL Mindy! I would have loved to have seen the look on your face when you thought you were gonna taste some yummy Cajun seasoning and got a big ole mouth full of rust! Yuck! Too bad David didn't get a picture of that! Hee Hee!

    Have a great day, girl!

  18. What...the cajuns' don't use rust for flavorin'? Hmmmmmmm could have sworn they did! They just ain't redneck enough. HA! Duct tape tastes like crap - that's all I've got to say.

    Love LOVE the hat boxes and that finial? It's just not rusty enough to eat!!!


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