Monday, November 30, 2009

Past, Present and Future

As for the present, Judy Hill's Open House is this coming Thursday, December 3, from 10 - 5. If you need directions, per Judy, call now, as in presently. Thursday morning will be insane. Here is her website with her blog. Check it out. If you didn't get to go last year, well, here are the pictures I took at the 2008 Christmas show. Judy and her hubby, Bill, are A-ma-ZING!
Lamp Glow
In regard to the past, last weekend, we enjoyed a wonderful Open House at Winnie & Tulula's. Thank you everyone who came out! It was a pleasure sharing my egg nog with some of you!

I finally got all of my pictures up. Most of them were taken Saturday, after the dust had settled. If it's not labelled, I believe it's mine. I think I got everyone else's identified. I hope! Here's a little taste:

Margo's magic...
Margo's Space
Charrise put together this beautiful gold and silver vignette...
I loved this wheel hub arrangement by Whatsoever Things...
I think this is Beverly's
Liz and Fran can teach us all a thing or two about sparkle, glitz and glam!
Fran and Liz's Magic
Debbie and Danny have skillz.
Debbie & Danny
Did you see my vintage taxidermy forms? I think these are to die for! Imagine one with a paper mache dress pattern, or atlas pages, or colored comic strips, or even newspaper. Oh, the possibilities! I like them as is, myself.
2009November29_wt's 010
2009November29_W&T's 042
It's like having a dead animal on your wall and the killing wasn't necessary. Well, kinda!

Now, regarding the future. In the very near future, this Saturday, as a matter of fact, Primitiques will enjoy a Christmas Open House from 10am-3pm. Today, my sister came up to the store to help with preparations. I am getting excited!!!
Primitiques 30November2009 004
We're getting ready for you! Did I mention I take a truckload up there every time I go? We are loading in lots of new goodies. Fun!

Happy Monday!


  1. Mindy: Are you making your "signature dish"? That would be worth the trip alone! I hope to see you Saturday!


  2. Did y'all see that? MALisa is being funny! Girl, my new signature dish is Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog. It was a hit at the last party, for sure! You bring the cheese crisps, smarty pants! haha Love ya and can't wait to see you and Lurch. ~Mindy

  3. Mindy, thanks for sharing your photos. As for those taxidermy forms, those are just too cool! Where do you find your stuff?!!

  4. Will you have cheese crisp and eggnog? I will surely be there- just for that!!!! You designs are awesome!!!!

  5. Zita, let me narrow it down for you...Texas. ha!

    Misty, you bring the cheese crisps and the story of making them! I'll bring the mason jars and eggnog! Can't wait to see "both of you" again! ~Mindy

  6. I have my own mason jar thank you very much!!!!

    It's the one with the number 6 on it!!! HAHA!!!
    I think that for safety's sake....I should make the cheese stomach is hurtin' from laughing sooo hard.

  7. Thanks Mindy for the "plug". I also enjoyed my time spent at Winnie and Talulu's. It was awesome!! Judy

  8. I believe Judy Hill is in pardon me, spitting distance from me.
    My sister had been there, not me, I will check it out if I can shake this bug...sniffle.

  9. OMGsh Mindy! I just went and read your cheese crisp in the world did I miss that!!! I was laughing so hard that I started to choke! No lie! That was hilarious! Have fun at the Open House on Saturday!

  10. Should we play hooky on Thursday? I'm kidding, I know neither of use can afford the time off. But I sure enjoyed Judy Hill's summer home show! And it is a photographer's dreamland and very, very good for my Flickr stats! lol

    Do you remember the chippy white cabinet and dresser? And the dresser had ribbon drawer pulls? My photo of that is number 3 in "interesting rating" out of all my Flickr photos with 99 views, 6 times favorited, 4 group invites and a gallery entry!

  11. David, I don't know if they are favoriting you or Judy. Both, I imagine. You are both brilliant!

    Lee, you'd love it. Hope you feel better soon.

    Judy, you are very welcome. I hope it's a great show for you. Great seeing you Friday night!

    You Six Girls need to just bring it on to Poetry. And we'll create some new memories. K?

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  13. Hey, I bought the perfect, tiny wash tub from you and posted some pics on my blog...I hope to come to your shop Sat...busy day, but hoping... Lezlee

  14. I've got my mason jar labeled and loaded (in the duct tape mobile....which is getting cleaned out...that could potentially take the rest of the week...we won't go there.)! Woman - I'll be screechin' my tires in yo parkin' lot!!!

    Seriously, I'll be screechin' them in the hopes that the rubber comes off and I can then use the wheel base to display great things. How COOL is that?!!? How did I miss that?!!? Oh... coulda been the nog you so kindly shared with me - thank you very *hiccup* much! Do we get to meet your sister? huh? huh?

    k, bye bye - gotta go treckin' 'cross the pasture with a load out of the duct tape roll. Look at that... I'm exercising...

    ;-) Robelyn

    P.S. HECK YEAH we gotta go raid junk piles together!

  15. I'm just not sure about that pig head...


  16. I love seeing the old mixed up with Christmas flavor. Almost makes me wants to decorate. Almost. I'm feeling a little lazy this year.


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