Tuesday, December 1, 2009

No Pictures

It's true. No pictures. My camera battery died. Imagine, if you will, a tall white thing with blue and clear lights. I picked it up today somewhere. Zita, I can't tell you where I got it, cuz last time I mentioned that thrift stores are great sources, another dealer told me to stop telling you that. So, there. I didn't tell you where I got the tall white thing with the blue and clear lights, did I? (See Richard? I'm keeping our secret!)

Now. Picture a big ol' arbor with rusty cyclone fencing. (It didn't come from a thrift store. I bought it from Debbie and Danny.) From it, hanging down, is a rusty thingy with some crystals. Ok. A lot of crystals. Glass crystals. Yee haw! Picture that, if you will. Uh huh. Kinda cool, huh? Like it?

In your mind's eye, picture black, silver and gold stuff, all mixed up together. When you come to the Primitiques Christmas Open House this Saturday from 10a-3p, you can see it for yourself. David is in charge of that area and I can't brag enough on how good this man is!

Let's see...white and silver....green and red....a tree inside of a table? Burlap. Uh huh. We have burlap here and there. And it wouldn't be Primitiques without primitives, would it?

This post didn't need no stinkin' pictures! You can see it now, can't you? You'll see it even better Saturday, I promise. *wink*

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I see it! I see it!!!

    Really... you had me sold at the rust, crystals and black. Next to rusty things color and shiny sparkly crystals color, black is my favorite color.

    Now I see duct tape rollin' in...

    ;-D robelyn

  2. If I close my eyes reaallll tight... oh there it is!! I SEE IT!! I can clearly envision all the crystals!!! Sparkle sparkle!! Who said imagination was dead?

  3. my minds' eye is in need of new batteries - lol! but i too like the vision of rust and crystals and black ...

    troy & rod

  4. Ha! You crack me up! I am actually picturing all these things and that's sorta scary, isn't it? Dang it...wish I could come to Texas...

  5. You couldn't get some magic markers and poster board to draw us some pictures. You coulda scanned 'em!
    OK people, you'll have to take me at my word...the cyclone fence thingy is wa-a-ay cool and I almost kept it for myself. If y'all could have seen Mindy's face, you'd understand why I sold it!
    I tell you girl, I'm gonna meet myself coming or going...don't know which! I've got a dinner party honoring a friend tomorrow night, Judy's Thursday, an open house Friday, Red Shed sale Sat AND yours! Somewhere I've got to get this house gussied up for the holidays. Something sure has to give and I'm afraid it's going to be my girdle! But I can see it...oh yeah...I can see clearly now!

  6. Mindy....
    I know what you mean! It always happens at the worst times too! Last time for me was when the American Idols were in town and playing next door to my office. They were outside and I wanted to send some pics to my niece and nephew. I got a couple pics and then nothing. Urgh! :-)
    Maybe we'll have to see pics after batteries are rejuvinated. Good luck for your open house! Tami E.

  7. my camera is over ten years old... it's a pain, but I am grateful. I feel sorry for people looking at my post...I could take 300 pictures and only get ten that kind of give you the jest of things. Santa, I know people who need camera's for Christmas...
    But I know only ONE who really hears this plea.
    I can't wait till the first.

  8. Dear y'all,

    I have a charger and more batteries. Just didn't have 'em with me. So never fear. Wear good clothes and brush your hair. Pictures will be taken. ~Mindy

  9. Yes, YES, I'm seeing it right now!! And it's fabulous! Thanks for sharing...I think... I may be a little confused. I saw you a minute ago at Robelyn's and you had something crazy on your head! AND a mason jar full of something!Looks like you all had waaayyyyyyy too much fun.

  10. You're hilarious, Mindy! Can't wait to see the pictures. BTW, where do you get all your energy, girl?!!

  11. It is official...Lurch and I will be there Saturday! And I am bringing my camera!!! However, I will be in sweats and a tshirt...no fancy dress clothes for this chick!

    Can't wait!


  12. Debbie. The answer is....Sunday! That's when the gussying happens...after church and some heavenly inspiration! Truly, I hope you and CD can come by. It wouldn't be a party without you! And did you see who is coming? MAALLLIiisssaaa! Oh yeah. She and Lurch will be there. Yee haw! ~Mindy

  13. Oh, how I wish I could come! Your shows and my shows conflict! We gotta do something about that! ~LA

  14. I picture myself finally getting a day off work and driving up to see all your gorgeousness in person! Oh, and I also see you sharing your nog with me. ;-)

  15. Seriously, Anne? Wow! I'm thrilled! Well, was the picture in black and white (like a dream) or was it in color, like you're coming to Poetry?

    So, for a head count, I see Robelyn, Misty, Angelique, MALisa and Anne.

    Where's Valarie, Lezlee, Margo, Donna & Rhonda, Liz & Fran, Troy & Rod, Lee, and all the lurkers? I hope y'all all come!

  16. Hi Mindy - Thanks for stopping by! I'm sure I met you standing around the eggnog bowl Friday night. I came with my husband, he wound up sitting in the truck. I don't think I introduced myself but I remember talking with you about how wonderful W&T's open house was! I'm a friend of Margo's and I've been trying to get over to Athens for awhile and visit ya'll! It was wonderful and magical!

  17. Oops, I'm going to have to be careful how I turn a phrase!!! I was using the power of visualization there, as in "I see myself winning the lottery, I see myself at Mindy's..."

    I wish with all my heart that I was going to be there, but once again, "THE MAN" (aka the hospital) has me working that day. And you know that if I was off, I would surely make the drive.

    I'm going to go throw a tantrum now as I watch all the other kids have fun without me! :-(



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