Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Changes

Last week, I shared a few changes going on in my house. Someone inquired about my motivation. Yes. I did have a party this last weekend that I was preparing for. Actually, I was supposed to be cleaning, not redecorating. But remember, this party was 2 weeks after my return from Warrenton. Warrenton, where I spent 12 days living in a 25" travel trailer. There, all of my clothes were in one closet. I didn't have a lot of luxuries. It was a simple life. This same phenomenon of de-cluttering happened years ago, when I came home from a 5 week backpacking trip to Greece and Turkey. When you survive for weeks with very little, you discover that you just don't need that much stuff! So, away goes a lot of clutter. I guess I should go on more long trips, huh? There's no telling what will end up for sale at Primitiques and Winnie & Tulula's before it's all said and done!

Wanna see? Here is the before of my bookshelf:
102109House 012
And here is the most recent. I don't want to call it the completed after, as I still need, want and desire to do something with that plywood in the back.
102109House 006
Again, like the kitchen, it's a cleaner look with the whites.
102109House 011
This hand digging in the pearls cracks me up every time I see it. This is my quirky way of decorating for Halloween, since I have yet to get my decorations out.
Hand, pearls, tiara
Now. Here is my mantle before:
It's true. That shelf isn't really a mantle, is it? So, it's the shelf over my fireplace. I dislike it. But, it's what I have at the moment. Ignore the shelf. Look at the stuff on it. Now, check out the new "shelf":
House 008
You want to know who those people are, don't you? I have no earthly idea. I bought them. The picture is dated 1950. The couple is just scared enough looking to be a good Halloween decoration, don't you think?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. How did you have the energy after Warrenton to do all this work? You are amazing!

  2. Getting ready for company is always a great motivation for me too! Between working 2 jobs and painting I have little time to waste. My house is always 'picked up', but I seriously clean a couple time a year...usually it involves (at least) moving furniture...never fails!

  3. As usual, I'm digging it all.
    You can never, ever go wrong with white, that is the 11th commandment. I love your rest room sign! I need me one, maybe two. Keep it up girl, you're inspiring the rest of us clutterbugs!

  4. That # 5 is great. I always like numbers. I like wallpaper or fabric at the back of shelves. I put fabric up with liquid starch, and it stays put, but will peel off if you need it to. Now I have to go redo my shelves.

  5. Hi Mindy,
    We just de-flea 'd the dogs and gave them a bath isn't that romantic on the eve of your anniversary? We are both soaked after they shook all over us. Glamorous!
    Work is hard to find...savings are almost gone, but we are committed to stay together no matter what comes. Anniversary memories may not be perfect but we still look into each others eyes and find love, commitment, and faith in our God.
    Who could ask for more... the long run is good too.
    Thanks for your sweet comment and I love all your changes.

  6. You crack me up! I think the wedding picture looks like my parents...they married in 1950! LOL! The hand with the pearls is FUNNY stuff!

    ps. I have a restroom sign too. I love the dang thing!

  7. Love it all, I wanna see eye balls though :)

  8. Hi Mindy , For a junker I tend to be a minimalist - can that be? I just keep my very favorites until a new very favoite comes along to take its place. I love the new look. xo , Sue PS Are you ready to do Warrenton again? I am having show withdrawals!

  9. Looking good. Looks like your space at W&T's will be loaded for bear.

  10. you rent out! I need some declutering BAD! I could come to your house and be a happy shopper with what you took down. Looks great.

  11. I'm laughing so hard - I love your old scared couple! LOLOL That's too funny! And the hand in the pearls? SO cool!!!

    I like the whites AND your mantle!!!

    ;-) robelyn

  12. Love all the white pieces in your cubby and the new mantle/shelf look. The white looks really good! Maybe I need to go on an extended trip. I need to de-clutter in the worst way!

  13. It is SO FUNNY that you don't know the people in the wedding picture!!! I thought they were your parents or something. I'm still laughing over it.

    I love your changes. You're really on a roll!


  14. That doll with the one closed eye and one open looks like How I feel in the mornings! Great stuff!


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