Friday, October 2, 2009

For Sale in Warrenton

Hello to all! David and I are still in Warrenton, making friends, shaking hands and selling stuff. We've enjoyed meeting many of you bloggers face to face. What fun, this land o' blog is!
Tomorrow at 4pm, in the rain, we will be packing up and heading home. Here's where you come in. Who needs a store front sign? It's here. It's heavy. It's amazing and we promise to help you load it. There is a wonderful moving company here that will gladly load it up and bring it to your destination. See how accommodating we are? We are here to help you. *smile*
You might recall this blog I did about it. I just love it! Come see us, holler, and let's wheel and deal. We don't want to take this sign home (or anything else home for that matter)!
It was originally marked $475. It's is priced today at $295. Blog Special, for you only, mention it when you get here, and it will be $225. Holy Moly! Wow! Bring your trailer and come see us!
More pictures and stories to come.
Happy Day!


  1. hope your trip was a success!! Be safe coming home...

  2. Can ya save it for me? I'll be needing it in, oh, about 2 years if all goes according to plan!
    So, how was the blog party? I heard Rachel Ashwell was there! How was the prom? So many questions!
    Have a safe trip home, hope your load is much, much lighter on the way back!

  3. Some day I hope to just pop in and say hello! Bummer about the rain!

  4. It's soooo cool!
    I would have packed it home if I had room in my truck and the Divine Mr. M would let me. :)
    It was such a pleasure meeting you!

  5. Just stopping in to say hello!! Can't wait to see the pics! Tootles, Janna

  6. Wow! What an awesome sign! Wish I needed one! I hope it finds a new home and hopefully before you have to load it back up again!


  7. Hi Mindy, I love the sign but can't say I need it. I hope you sell it before you have to pack tomorrow. Hope to meet you there someday; I am determined to make it to Texas yet! Have a safe trip home.

  8. It is hard to get around to visit everyone. You have to stay at your booth to sale, but sometimes, you just have to walk away! I hope your first show was to your expectations. We were pleased with our show.


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