Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Warrenton Fall 2009 149
As you know by now, David and I enjoyed, and I mean enjoyed, our first antique show in Warrenton at Zapp Hall. And might I say, WOW! What a great experience to have under our belts. We enjoyed meeting lots of folks. We even remember some of those folks names (*sigh). We took lots of pictures, but sadly, they are mainly of our immediate surroundings, which would be my space, Debbie and Danny's space, much else. OH! And we snapped a few pics of some of the people who came within that area. That will be another post.
Warrenton Fall 2009 152
Stories. Wanna hear stories about the show? Well, by now, you know it rained some. And you know it was hot some. You also know that the blog party was a fun gathering. But, here are a few stories you haven't heard:

As one shopper perused the goods in my space, she kindly held something up, made eye contact with me, and said something to French. I had to confess that my Spanish was much better than my French, and then we both had a good laugh. She kindly told me in English that she wanted the item she had held up. Yee haw!
Warrenton Fall 2009 078
Another shopper came into my space, looked me in the face and said "Oh, look! You sweat, too!" I have to admit, I know that I sweat. And I know that others can see that I sweat. But, being told that I sweat threw me a touch. Thankfully, the kind lady and her friends stayed awhile and made all my sweating worth while. Yee haw!
Warrenton Fall 2009 139
Oh! This is cool. The Blue Tape Man came by one morning before we had reported for duty. He tagged a table with blue tape, on which was written a note "I am interested. Please call me" and he left his number. I called. I quoted. He came and loaded. And then he blue tagged a few more things and loaded them prior to departure. I like the Blue Tape Man. Yee haw!
Warrenton Fall 2009 111

The last story is about Danny and Debbie. They were so gracious to us newbies at the show. They shared show secrets. They introduced us to some nice folks. Danny and his 2 wheeler kept us entertained on a daily basis.

Now, h
ere's a little secret about them. They share magic. Somehow, I don't know how other than magic, they make things happen in that tent. One minute, the tent has good stuff in it. The next time I look up, the good stuff has splashes of nature's colors all over. Hydrangeas. Bittersweet. Pumpkins. And there Debbie sat visiting with someone, as Cat Daddy walked back and forth with the 2 wheeler. Who did that? I never saw them splashing nature here and there. But, it happened. Magic. No question about it.
Fall Show at Warrenton 2009 121
I guess that's about it for stories, unless David reminds me of a good one. Wanna see more pics? By clicking here, you can view what photos I took. If you click here, you will be able to view my pics in slideshow format. Here are David's pictures in slideshow and here they are for your own perusing. Enjoy!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. So glad y'all had a great time. Looked like a fun time, I so wanna go next time!

  2. Aw're too sweet! Actually it was the sweat in your eyes that kept you from seeing the magic...either that or I just work so doggone fast and we both know that ain't it!
    It WAS fun and I look forward to the spring!

  3. Mindy, I am so happy that you and David had a great time. Life can be so fun! I hope to meet both of you in the Spring. I also want to meet Debbie and CD they seem so wonderful. Love Debbie's story of their courtship. sandi

  4. Fabulous photos by both of you!! You had some magic of your own. Loved the booth!! Will you be back in the spring?

  5. I forgot to tell you two stories about the two wheeler. One, we call it the dolly mama. Every young girl who pushes it around at the show ends up being pregnant! You didn't happen to borrow it, did you?
    Two...after all that pushing around, when we got finished loading out Sunday and went to load it on the trailer had disappeared! Do you think it ran away from home?

  6. Amy. Thank you. Spring is still up in the air. We'll see!

    Debbie, I am not believing the 2 wheeler got lifted. Holy cow. Nope. I did not borrow the dolly mama. Whew!

    And I'm not sure if it was sweat, or the fact that we are both five foot nothing. Maybe it's just impossible to see each other working our magic. Ha!

    Tracy and Sandi. Come next time! You'll be so glad you did. ~Mindy

  7. Hey Mindy, You had some really great stuff, but my favorite had to be that green small cabinet with all the drawers. just love it. Glad it was a good experience for you guys. I know it had to have been so much fun!

  8. Mindy, you put together such beautiful displays! I'm glad you sold lots of good stuff. The blue tape man sounds intriguing. One question, how can NOT sweat in Texas? I'm still trying to figure out how Texans keep their hair looking done and makeup on their face when it's 102 degrees out. Now that's magic!


  9. FringeGirl, if you look closely, I don't wear much makeup (or it will sweat off) and I wear lots of hats (to cover the sad hair). There. Now you have my secret.

    Debra, I had more crafter folks look at that old index file cabinet. The lady who bought it intended to use it for storing her craft goods.

  10. Hey Mindy...What an unexpected treat to meet you at Warrenton. Your booth still looked amazing and it was the last weekend of the show. Very talented! Thanks for the post on our blog...unfortunately, the gold chair is not mine. It belongs to the owner of the mall (we share stuff sometimes). I will run by there today and find out the price and let you know. I agree, it is great. Will post soon.

  11. Mindy,
    Your booth was soooo awesome I would have never known that was your first show at Zapp Hall!!
    It was such a joy to meet you and David.
    You have to have a booth in the spring, because I'm coming to shop at your booth!!

  12. I'm floored about the two-wheeler. Debbie and Danny's space rocked and so did yours! I have had some photos from both invited to flickr groups and favorited.

  13. Love your space, you sweaty little thing you! I can only imagine what that woman would have said to me. Checking out your flickr photos now.

  14. Mindy...I have a story. It was when I walked up to your booth you were so sweet and visited with me and talked about blogging and then, I spotted boxspring. I had to have it and when I approached you about it, you said yes and gave me the hook up because I was a blogger! Thanks girl! Hope to see you in the Spring.


  15. It looks like so much fun!!!! Thanks for giving us a peek inside this show ~ loved it! Blessings!

  16. Mindy, it all looks fabulous!! I know it was a blast... one day... I will be there!! hehehe! Hugs, Janna

  17. You're meeting some amazing people and making memories (and money! Yeehaw!). I love to think of the natural magic splashing itself around your friend's tent. Bittersweet is a favorite of mine this time of year.


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