Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Birds Day!

I wasn't looking for birds today. But, I sure found 'em.

I believe this is an old dove decoy. I have no idea why it's painted red. Any ideas? Function or fashion? (OH! I think the red is supposed to simulate a hurt, bleeding bird. Coyote bait or something like that. David, am I right?)
102909Shopping 007
This fuzzy duck caught my attention. He has wire feet and such personality! He certainly takes me back to my primitive roots.
102909Shopping 008
These doves (or whatever they are) are most certainly not primitive. I love their clean lines! Won't they be beautiful as decorations for Christmas?
102909Shopping 004
I like the green at the bottom.
102909Shopping 005
I got a few other things. But, today's post has gone to the birds. Which do you favor?

Happy Thursday/Birdsday!

ps. If you haven't already, please drop by David's blog and give him some love. It's been a rough week/month. Thanks!


  1. Mindy, duck #2, the fuzzy one is my favourite. Very sweet.

  2. LOL I think they are all bird-brains...but I LOVE the red one!!!

    tweet tweet!

    ;-) Robelyn

  3. Is this post for us bird brains or were you flying high with your finds? HA! I got a million of 'em!

  4. I love the dove decoy, too cute !

  5. So, Debbie. Do you give a peep? Waddle you say about that? Bring 'em on! ~Mindy

  6. Hey there! I love that fuzzy duck...oh my....he is too sweet! Have a great night!
    Laura :}

  7. I am a bird fancier... I love them all.
    Fuzzy, smoothe or red...
    God bless and thank you for your sweet comment.

  8. Mindy, are you wanting to ruffle my feathers? You best have your ducks in a row before you come sneaking around my henhouse! I can come up with a gaggle of flighty comments!!!

  9. Well,
    I'm not trying to hen peck you....but I really love the dove!!!...LOL!

  10. Lovin' the fuzzy duck, what a cutie!
    Give David a hug from me and James.

  11. Debbie, you are quacking me up! We are birds of a feather, ya know? But, you are for sure, the Mother Goose! ~Mindy

  12. Hi Mindy! Thank you for stopping by my blog today after visiting with Anne at Fiona and Twig! I really appreciate your visit and that you signed up to be a follower! I was reading your profile and saw that your town is called Poetry. How perfectly sweet! I will be stopping back often!

    Polly at Sassafras

  13. I like the white ones.

  14. Love the decoy in pic spring chicken that's fer sure!

  15. I love the white doves! Mindy, you and Debbie are too funny! I love it!

  16. I'm just now seeing that you were steering people to my blog. Thank you, love! Yes, it has been a crazy and busy week.

    That is definitely a dove decoy, but I have no idea why it was painted red. I doubt it was for varmint hunting, just because I've never seen a red varmint decoy. My guess is it was used as some kind of decoration.


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