Monday, October 26, 2009

Christmas Decor Desires

Yesterday was the 25th of October. I know. Two whole months away from Christmas. But, what am I thinking about with this cooler weather, besides egg nog? Christmas trees and decorations. I went to shop for a Christmas tree last week and came home with this tree instead:
Tree Light 004
I wish I had taken a picture of it with the lights off. It's very pretty on or off. But, it is not a Christmas tree.

I couldn't budget a $150+ concolor tree last year, so this is what I did for Christmas 2008 at my house:
It was good for a year. But, I long for something different this year. What I want is a brown tree. I don't know why. But, I do. But, when you can't find a brown Christmas tree at the World Trade Center or Dallas Market, it's probably not going to easily be found, let me tell ya.

So, with the advent of white on white on white in home decor, here is my question to you. Do you change your Christmas decorating scheme occasionally? Or do you do what your mother and her mother before her did, year after year, with your own personal slant?
White Christmas
When you come shopping at Primitiques in Poetry and at Winnie & Tulula's in Athens, what would you like to see for your home Christmas decor?

The Friday and Saturday following Thanksgiving, which are November 27 and 28, Winnie & Tulula's is having a wonderful Christmas Open House. Friday evening, 4-9pm admission will be $5 and proceeds will go to a special cause. Saturday hours will be 10 am - 6 pm. All of the dealers are doing some special shopping for this occasion and you are sure to be WOW'd!
Love Wish Music
And as if that weren't enough to get you all excited, Saturday, December 5, from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm, we will host a Christmas Open House at Primitiques in Poetry. Need an excuse to discover Poetry? Well, here it is!

Get your pen out and mark your calendars. What better time to come out and play with your fellow bloggers?

Do you see why I was asking about your Christmas decor taste now? I need to stock up on what you like. Or, maybe I'll just stock up and surprise you with what I think you'll like. And you'll LOVE it! Hmmmm...

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh, I LOVE your new not-Christmas tree! I have never seen one like that before!

    You need a brown Christmas tree? I have several brown ones that I have thrown over my back deck the last dozen years. Come help yourself!


  2. Hi Mindy,
    I love tradition, and use my Grandparents tree ornaments. I use my own collections for the house and change it up a little each time. I only use white lights at my house and usually gravitate toward the old fashioned jewel toned decorations, none of the bright reds and tree greens...more Victorian colors for me, with whte and creams.
    Tami E.

  3. Mindy - i love decorating for Christmas - esp the trees - this year we are having a real tree - over the summer rod & i discovered the white house historical association christmas ornaments - we now have every year - 1981-2009 - we are excited about using them this year - so our Christmas is going to be very traditional - thinking lots of tartan plaids - country primitive accents - troy

  4. A brown tree -- I'm thinking you'll have to get spray paint. can't believe your open houses are as late as they are. We have ours at Leola's Nov. 6,7 & 8 which isn't even 2 wks. I'm already starting to panic. It's such a huge weekend for us & we always want it to be memorable. I'll take lots of pictures. Jan

  5. Whatever you do will be fabulous, I'm sure! Wish I could make it to the open house. I say that for every event, but I really, really mean it!!

  6. I just love that white display. thanks for the inspriation.


  7. Last year I wanted a brown tree, but couldn't find one, so I did the next logical thing...I spray painted one! I used Master Craft paint from Michaels and it turn out beautiful..I fact it sold the first day of our sale ornaments and all!
    I have a really hard time decorating my home for the holidays...for one we do two
    Christmas shows at the barn, so I am so burned out by the time I should be decorating my home and then we're always at one of the kids home for
    Christmas Eve and Day...I know, bah humbug..the good news is I have nothing to put away except for my large nativity that always gets diplayed for Christmas. I think I need to start decorating my home in Oct for Christmas next year!
    My Best

  8. I was thinking spray paint too.
    I love the white. I am just now dealing with autumn... Guess I better get it in gear... 2 months...augh!
    Thanks for the reminder.

  9. I saw brown trees last year at a Christmas store in Dallas that was closing its doors, but I bet if you checked E-Bay, some of them might have made it to there!
    I like to change it up about every other year....that's why I have a Christmas barn!

  10. OH CHRISTMAS!!! It'll be here before you know it! I've already got one tree up in the basement and I'm busy putting fake snow on and wiring branches into the center of the tree. It's gonna be fabulous!! Love your blog, just wandered over from Holly's blog - hope you can find your way back to me! :) I'll def. be back!

  11. Love your new's different. Also love your tree last yr. sitting in an aquarium surrounded by white ornaments. You know us. We definitely change things up. By the way, I have a brown tree sitting in my bedroom! :)

  12. Love the white on white theme. I do add a bit of pale colour every now and then, usually pink or turquoise, but this year it will probably bee white on white, with some silver and gold...?

  13. I tend to do the same kind of thing my mom did with the traditional green and red ~ but ooooohhhhhh I want to veer off and do white on whites with sparkly white lights ~ I think my girls would have a fit though but hey !! They are moved out now so I can do what I want .....right ??

  14. Oh my gosh - I love your new tree! LOL Why not have a "not so Christmas" Christmas set-up this year?! LOL Make the every-day everything Christmas? That would be fun!

    Are you going to have eggnog in Poetry? If not, I'll bring you some 'cause you are SO on my calender! HA!

    My house at Christmas...anything goes. And I mean that. Anything. LOL I love vintage, so it's all old - but heck with the white! I bust out ALL of the colors and glitter and tinsel and...well - EVERYTHING! My fave is my 1950's S&H green stamp plastic tree! YEAH! Is it too early to put it up? hmmmm.....


  15. Hey, I LOVE the tree in the fish tank...that's a fish tank, right?! The rolled up music it white on white.

    I have green trees upstairs (yeah, that's plural), and white and silver ones bigger one and a bunch of small ones. I have unconventional decor- white stuff downstairs in the family room and earth tones on the main level. Nothing "blends" like it should but what's a girl to do when they love different kinds of decor?

    Take care! Andrea

  16. Hey Mindy, I love the white on white for Christmas, but I'm a traditional gal too. I have always used tartan plaids, but I love a mix of decor, so this year I'm doing gold, silver, cream and sepia on our tree, only white lights. I'm excited to get started!
    Love your white display from last year!

  17. I love that y'all are sharing how you decorate! This is more fun than I expected! I've never gone with plaids, but I have enjoyed traditional decorating with greens and reds. I enjoyed silvers and golds and whites last year. As for the brown tree, Debbie, you are right. I found one on ebay. But, it's not as dark as I had in my head. I might have to do as Gale suggested and buy some spray paint. Hmmm Robelyn, what kind of hostess would I be if I didn't provide PA Dutch egg nog? Of course, we'll have liquid provisions!

    Thanks everyone for leaving your comments. This comment section had some meat to it. I'll refer to it for a couple months, for sure!


  18. Interesting tree. For most of our years we have used western and rustic decorations. Recently I have tried to collect vintage decorations. I'm still adding to my collection. Good luck at the open houses!

  19. I love the white on white scheme! I do change it up every year. I get bored easily! Anyway, the brown tree sounds so cool. Would love to see that with some mercury glass, cream and gold ornaments. I love the pictures in this post! Wish I could be at your open house! I will be coming home from Portland that day. I can't wait to see what you come up with. Hope all your events turn out great!


  20. I wish I had the money to change my Christmas decor often, but I don't, so I reuse. I had a table-top tree last year, but I really want a big tree this year. I'd love a white one, but FringeMan thinks it's well...let's just say he doesn't like the idea. SO, if I have the money, it will be a giant green tree for the living room and a smaller white tree for me in the dining room. That's my plan, but I may have to work towards the over the next couple of years. ;-)

    That little yellow tree of yours is really cute!

  21. Fun pictures and a lot to look at!!! I love Christmas decor!
    sandy toe

  22. Great look and using sheets of music is always a wonderful idea - maps too. I usually tie them with black ribbon but the evergreen is a sweet idea!!!! Jennifer

  23. My mom (back in the 60/70s alternated every year with traditional green and big colored lights and ornaments with white flocked tree white lights and gold balls. Oh and we also had one of the alluminim ones! Me...I don't think I've done the same tree twice! Not sure what this year will be but it's going up next week. With all the wedding stuff we're doing it's going to be a repeat from one of the past years this year....thanks for remembering me!
    Bless ya!

  24. I saw the coolest tree... it was brown... was someones tree that they sat outside from last Christmas and all of the needles were gone... It was beautiful. You've inspired me. I have a bunch of pink, silver, aqua, blue and gold bulbs that are all old and shabby... they would be gorgeous on a brown tree. I'll be saving my tree "carcass" this year... thanks for the inspiration. If you get a chance, stop over to pollyanns and see me!

  25. I love your not-a-Christmas-tree!

    My favorite decorations are the old fashioned blown glass types. I can't always afford the old ones so I buy the new ones at after Christmas sales. They add so much bling to the tree.

  26. Oh yeah, you are right! You have a good memory. I put little white lights all in the center of the tree....then put the little colored ones on the branches...weaving in and out. Having the little white ones in there really brightens up the tree and adds a lot of sparkle.


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