Thursday, October 8, 2009

Roll Call

Look me in the eye and tell me you are ready for a little game.

It's the Who's Who among Blogging Shoppers at my space at Zapp Hall. Here's how you play. Peruse the pictures. In the comments, you get to either identify yourself or you get to identify someone that you know. Nope. There is no prize. I just thought it would be fun. If you don't know anyone, well, just watch the comments and then, get your booty over to their blogs and visit. You'll see that there are several new bloggers who made the shows this fall. The number precedes the picture.

For the record. There are a couple of you whose picture was taken, but I don't think you want it published. So, this is me doing you a favor. ha! I'll name you, instead. Zita came to see us. MALisa and Lurch stopped by. Mayron and Marcie swung through. Oops! Denis from Ruby Grace's popped by. The Patina Green gals swung through. Susan and Andy came to visit. Can you believe I am still remembering folks and adding them? Cher was there with Juan. Shelly from Sweet Pea sauntered over. TOT bopped in. Donna from Reinvented Style visited. Also, I'm sorry if we missed taking your picture or if I have failed to mention you here. If we are there in the spring, we'll have a photo session and you will have to sign my guest book. And to give credit, as we should always do, most of these photos were taken by David.

Ready? Go!

1. Janet from Sweet Talk

2. Anne from Fiona and Twig
3. Angelique from Six in One Hand

4. Colleen of Saffron and Genevieve

5. Adrienne from The Flying Bee

6. Teresa from Attic Rat

7. Kristi at Junkology 101

8. Amy from WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie

It's kinda like getting to know you, isn't it? Y'all have fun meeting new folks as they leave their comments. And be sure to stop by and say hi to 'em.

In case I have not made it clear. I really appreciate all of y'all (pictured or not) who stopped by and said hello during the show. Being our first show, it was so nice to have a warm smile and an "I know you!" from all you friendly bloggers. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Happy Thursday!

ps. As soon as you identify yourself, I will add your link to your picture. Isn't this fun?!


  1. Looks like I need to get my booty out there for once and not only enjoy all the goodies and meet all these lovely bloggers-maybe one day...LOve Tiina...

  2. OMGsh girl! Yikes! I would have loved it, if I was one of the ones you just named! Not one of my best looks...but anyway, that's me #5. I do know #2 & #3...those two cuties are Anne of Fiona and Twig and Angelique of Six in One Hand. Oh, and of course #9 CD and Lauri of the two Chippy's. I like your little game!


  3. Fun!
    1) Don't know
    2) ME!
    3) Don't know her name, but her blog is Six in One Hand
    4)Don't know
    5) Cute little Adrienne
    6&7) Don't know
    8) Is that David's daughter?
    9) Somebody and Cat Daddy
    10)David? It sorta looks like him and sorta doesn't

    Oh, and that's YOU up top!

  4. There I am! That's me! Right there! #8.

    Fun idea, Mindy!


  5. Hi Mindy,
    I'm afraid I don't know anyone but you. You look so cute! I saw someone else said Cat Daddy's in there, so I thought maybe that was Carol Westbrook (I think that's her name)... I'm so sorry but I'm super duper tired tonight, but that's a strict guess on that from photos in my memory from Deb's blog. What fun you had - thank you for sharing! I would love to see Zita as she's a real sweetheart. Have a great weekend!

  6. I wasn't there, so I don't know anybody! That is terrible and I hope to be acle to come in the spring.

    Great pictures.

  7. Mindy, you're a real pal for not putting in any pictures of this Canadian looking all sweaty and melted down from that Texas heat and humidity. Maybe in the springtime I won't look as bad :)

  8. #6 is me! Teresa from Attic Rat. I'm also known as Cedar Junction. It was a pleasure to meet you!

  9. #1. Janet of Sweet Tea
    #2 Anne of Fiona and Twig
    #3...MEEEEEEEEE!!! Six in One Hand
    #4. I don't know...sorry
    #5. Adrienne of The Flying junking twin
    #6. Teresa of The Attic Rat
    #8Whisperwood Cottage
    #9.Lauri of 2chippys and Cat Daddy Himself!!!
    #10. I remember the that David??

  10. Hey Mindy,
    Well...I am out of the loop and can't identify anyone in the pics. But I can tell you that the chair you saw on our blog is $89.95 (she said it was firm...I tried). Someone had torn the tag off, so I called her. I think sometimes folks tear off the tags to see if you will go lower (cynical aren't I). Let me know if you have an interest and have a great weekend.

  11. I can't tell y'all how much fun this has been! I like it that some of you listed who you knew. I'm hoping a few more folks come over and identify themselves. Thank you for playing and thanks again for coming to see us at the show! ~Mindy

  12. Anne and Angelique are both correct that #10 is me. Fun game!

  13. I spy me in the numero uno slot! You are outing me on being horrible with names! But I do recognize a few faces! #9 Laurie and Cat Daddy...does anyone not know those two crazy kids by now?!? thanks, friend...kisses!

  14. Well, for one who couldn't make it to Warrenton (a tear hear, please) it is a blast to see a face with these wonderful bloggers!! Thanks, Mindy!
    My Best

  15. Oh, and thank you SO much for the blog exposure!!! I really apreciate it :)

  16. Those are great pictures Mindy. I LOVE the first one of you in the cute!


  17. Mindy it was great meeting you. I am Donna from
    Your booth was fantastic. Wish I could have stayed and chatted longer. I recognize Amy from Whisperwood Cottage and Adrienne from the Flying Bee and of course Cat Daddy! Hope you had a great show. Hope to see ya next time!

  18. Oh Mindy this was so cute, love the shot of me and CD, do you think he guessed who it was???? He did!!!! Thanks for the great game. Lauri@chippys

  19. Hi Mindy. Thanks for your comment on Springfield. We had a great show there. Looks like You were having a good time, other than the heat. Your booth looks nice, and looks like plenty of space. I wasn't there but still enjoyed your picutures of you and friends. I would love to do that show, and hope to visit first time in April. I wonder how difficult it is to get a booth space? Guess I should go once just to see. Hope you had a great show and thank the Lord for the blue tape man!

  20. Hi Sweet Girl! I'm sorry I am a little late in the game.
    There I am in # 11! Man, oh man was it H-O-T! Or was it just because I was standing by you!;)
    It was so nice to finally meet you and David, you too are truly the most ADORABLE couple!

  21. Whew! Would you look at that? Every single pictured person has "checked in" and now you can see who it is that you are visiting. As for some folks who visited me and I didn't get listed, I remember Polly and Carol and her daughter, as well. Again, a big thanks to everyone who came by. We don't know if we are coming back to Zapp in the spring. But, we'll keep you all posted if and where we'll be. ~Mindy

  22. Hello, I am knew to blogging and thought I would stop by as I have been seeing your face on the blog list of blogs I visit... now I know why, lol.
    I thought I would join the fun and follow along.
    I will add you to my blog list too.
    Lee @ Inspired Comblogulations

  23. Good for you, round 'em up! Sounds like your circle keeps growing and growing!


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