Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dining Room Changes

My dining room. Not as cluttered as the kitchen was. But, there are plenty of smalls on those shelves. See that cash register in the corner? Neat piece. It's home has been the back right corner of my dining room for years.
Dining Room
This white shelf has been in the back left corner of the dining room for quite some time.
White Shelf
I hung the chain last Christmas. The balls were removed shortly thereafter, but the chain has remained all year. Also, note the mismatched ladder back chairs.
Chain Chain Chain
So, now. Not all of the chairs match, but I changed out the red chair pads for chocolate brown chair pads.
Oops! Need to remove the white tags now that I've settled on the brown. I removed the chain from the windows and replaced it with pearl swags over sheers. No. The sheers don't match. I'm not that grown up! *wink* I also removed the cash register and the white shelf from the corners.
This old, gold floral container now holds old metal "twigs". I think the metal pieces came from an old, mattress box spring.
House 011
I realize the blue stripes on the old gym floor aren't the soothing neutral I might prefer. But, I am not real hip on sanding down the floors.

I removed most everything from the wall. Maybe I should have taken it all down and started over. Who knows? I am probably not finished with this wall. Just waiting for inspiration.
The sheers actually puddle on the floor, but me and my cats like to see outside, so a knot keeps us all happy.
I hate that I didn't have better "before" pictures. The semi-matching chairs are a good thing. Removing the corner clutter and the wall stuff also opens the room up.
I may be in the market for 8 matching chairs in the near future. But, in the meantime...Whew! This room looks much better!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. love love love this room - coveting that stand with the twigs in the corner - i like the look of mismatched chairs - we sold a lot of mismatched chairs at warrenton this last time - love your style!

  2. Lookin good, I want that table!!!!

  3. It all looks wonderful! I even love your blue striped gym floor, LOL! I have a hard time editing my surroundings, so kudos to you for being able to simplify.
    Pssst Mindy, can I have that cash register when you're done with it???

  4. I am lovin all your changes...I liked it before, too, but I know...sometimes it's nice to de- clutter so you can breathe! I am feeling like that right now. Guess what? I am planning on going to Canton at the end of this month. I am going to try and squeeze in Winnie and Tulula's! Yay!

  5. Hey Mindy, Love that table and those chairs, even mismatched they are so cool. I love the idea of the sheers with the knots, I think it adds an interesting touch...some drama!

  6. Happy Birthday!! Jodie at everything vintage let us know its your birthday.
    Hope it's the best birthday ever.

    Impatient Cajun

  7. I tie some of my curtains too. Love the look.


  8. Wow. Very nice. I thought the blue stripes on the floor was painter's tape. I had some of those for a while. Sanding floors doesn't tempt me either...not in the least. I like your chairs and they all look similar enough to almost match. Mine don't match either. It's nice to change things up every now and then. Keeps everything fresh. I get tired of 'the same' too.


  9. Mindy, do you happen to still have that turquoise colored wheel? Our son might can use it. I need to do a post on his home. He's got some really cool automotive stuff.
    foundaround@centex.net thanks, Susan

  10. Boy, you've been busy. It looks great! BTW, Happy Birthday!!!

  11. Hey Minday...Your birthday?? Happy day!!
    Is that what sparked the diningroom move? I really love the curtains tied like that..mine puddle on the floor and the cats love to sleep on the "puddles". Argh! I'll trade ya your chairs for my fireplace surround! ha!
    My Best

  12. can we throw in a splash of red somewhere!! (kidding!) looks great .. happy bday to ya!

  13. Please don't get matching chairs! I love the way mis-matched looks! Feels great to "lighten up" doesn't it?

  14. I love it Mindy! Enjoyed meeting you and David in Warrenton!

  15. Mindy...I seem to de-clutter with every season...it's such a good feeling! I am LOVING your kitchen area in the previous post. White, silver and the dark wood of the floor...very nice!


  16. Wow! You really pared down your kitchen. Everyone says my place is like a museum. I have lots of stuff and even when I try to get rid of some stuff, I still have more stuff to take its place. Corners that are not filled don't seem right to me. I like the changes you've made, but I also loved the mismatched ladder back chairs. There is something so comfortable about things that are thrown together rather than being so put together. :) Happy redecorating!

  17. Ok. The reason I am considering matching chairs...because if they all match, then they don't detract from the kick booty table. However, the 6 on each side compliment nicely. And the two ends are complimentary. So, I don't think they detract too much.

    A big thanks for everyone for the birthday wishes! I really appreciate y'all! ~Mindy

  18. Mindy:

    Love what you are doing with your home! Your dining room looks great and I LOVE the new look in your kitchen! You are one busy little bee! Great work!



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