Thursday, October 22, 2009

Spooky Decor

I walked around my house today and took some pics of my spooky decorations. Or maybe they are just scary!
102209House 013
Here is Bob. I guess where he is, it's hot. Or, does he think he is attractive?

102209House 014
This little doll? Well, she has been beaten and mistreated. Isn't she scary?
102209House 010
And here, we have the collection of corks. With a hand coming from their midst. Wwaaaa ha ha ha ha!
102209House 001
102209House 002
Margo mentioned wanting to see some eyes. She knows I have a glass eye collection. So, I recently reset this shelf. Here is what it did look like:
Line o' Eyes
And here is what it looks like now. Notice the hand. I have plenty of hands this year.
102209House 003
Have you ever seen so many glass eyes?
102209House 009
And I can't find a previous picture. But, here is my guest bathtub with the stole wearing, prego mannequin. Not real scary. But, funny, huh?
Guest Bathtub
Happy Thursday!
Hand, pearls, tiara


  1. And just where is Grandma's teeth? It ain't Halloween without 'em!

  2. Cher! You are so right. In the picture with the doll, upper right hand corner, you'll see the white cup holder thingy attached to the wall. Sitting in that is one of Grandma Joy's lowers. I will have to get a pic up! Or maybe find a better place for them. hmmmm ~Mindy

  3. OK, I'm really jealous, your fake hands look so much better than my real ones. Such lovely nails! Mine look like they belong to "Bob"!
    He he!

  4. You have a screw loose and I LOVE it! So do I, hehe! A glass eye collection? Now THAT'S a first for me! I love that it's all a bit scary but a whole lot whimsical. Just the best!

  5. Mindy, LOVE the spooky decor... the doll is the spookiest to me!! I have not even got to the Halloween deocarating yet!! Tootles, janna

  6. I was looking for talons... but not eye balls... do you happen to have that eye of newt recipe... I know you do!

  7. Loving the eye collection!
    BOB is tooo creepy..even for me and that says alot.


  8. Okay, that's some seriously weird, creepy stuff. But...should I happen to lose an eye any time soon, I'll give you a call!!

  9. What a great blog, I enjoyed my visit, thank you.
    Love the eyeball collection.

    Have a happy weekend

  10. Mindy,
    I have to say...those glass eyes...Well I ..uh, they scarey to me! Never seen a collection of them before...are are they for humans or are they doll eyes, eeeek!
    My Best?????LOL

  11. I like your way of decorating for Halloween. It is indeed spooky. Where'd you get all those eyes? Maybe I'd rather not know!

    Enjoy the weekend.

  12. You have a unique way of "seeing" things!
    I've boo'd you...take a looksee. "See"...get it?

  13. I was going to give you a hand, but I see you already have one...or two!

    Let's give Mindy a big hand!

    Put your hands together for Mindy!

    Here's looking at you...and you and you and you!

    Eyes glad you posted these photos!


  14. Oh, gosh, Bob and the eyeballs are a little too freaky for me! I'm sure your overall look makes it come together though! Love the old mirror.

  15. Love those hands all over your house - perfectly creepy cool, Mindy!


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