Monday, September 21, 2009

My Hero

Two years ago today, I met, face to face, the man you often hear me talk about, my boyfriend, David. Yes, I am going to brag about him. I'm going to tell you what a great catch he is. And I might even gush. So, consider yourself warned! Most of you know, David is an avid photographer.
David Snaps Skink
He loves his baby girl, Alissa.
Alissa and David
He is a supportive father to Dustin.
He's a mouse catcher. I found evidence of a mouse in my house and the man brought a live trap over. The first night with Cheerios as bait, look what we got!
House Mouse
And then, there was the snake. Saturday, this lovely copperhead showed up on my patio. It was within feet of my cats and chickens. Yes. David is also a snake catcher/relocator.
You better believe that snake picture is his. Didn't I mention that he is a photographer? If you have never perused his flickr account, it would be worth your time. Go here.

He paints.
David painting
He is a chainsaw welding, cubby hole removing boyfriend.
Chainsaw work
He humors me when I want to take self-portraits.
david's birthday 072
Another great Self-photo!
us - Whale Watching in Boston
He gives sweet kisses.
us - Boston Commons
And most of all, he looks at me like this...
Quick Cuddle
I am not at all sure that life gets better than this. (Happy Anniversary, David. I sure do love you!) Now, I ask you. Aren't I blessed?

Happy Monday!


  1. What a sweetheart.... thinking of you...

  2. Y'all are so adorable! And as sweet as you are talented. See you later this week...woo hoo!!!!!


  3. My love cup is full, baby! You're the BEST! Happy anniversary! I love you!

  4. You both are truly blessed. Happy anniversary. Hope you have a great show. We'll look forward to pictures. Jan

  5. Mindy,
    There's nothing better that having the one you love stand with you in all that life can throw at you. And believe me after fourty years we've had a few curve balls, but together we endured them. Congratulations on you anniversary...may you have many many more to come! Do good at your show!
    My Best

  6. Girlfriend, you are truly blessed! I am looking forward to meeting David at the blog party!


  7. So happy for the both of you, you both look absolutely wonderful together!!

  8. You're both blessed. Happy anniversary!

    By the way, love your self-portraits. Those are my specialty too. ;-)

  9. A man can say "I Love you", but it's the day to day things that prove it...mouse catcher and snake remover are proof positive!
    Have a great anniversary, and lots of fun at the show!

  10. Y'all are just too cute together ...... just a great couple. I'm happy for you both that you have each other.

  11. Hi Mindy (and David!),
    Getting to meet the two of you yesterday at Warrenton was simply awesome. I plan on blogging about your tent later today, but I just had to tell you again how amazing everything looked. I really appreciate your style, because there's a definite edge to has spunk and sass, and it's right up my alley.

    I really do hope I'll be able to make it up to W&T's this Fall, all you folks from there are just so genuinely nice and made me feel like a true junk sista.

    Much success this week!

  12. Mindy,
    I hope that you just had the best show ever! When you can, take a peek at my blog as I have a thank you over there for you!
    My Best

  13. Hi Mindy dear, I know you're still having a ball at the show, but I gave you an award, I know, I know, but it's from the bottom of my little heart. Lookin' forward to your return to blogland! Debra

  14. You are one very blessed woman. That look he gives you is priceless.

  15. are lucky! But he is lucky too! You two are super cute together. There is nothing like having a good man in your life. I've been married for 13 years and love my man so much...I am also very blessed!

  16. You are a lucky girl! I don't care how much I loved someone, not sure I could be a snake catcher! Hang on to him tight!

  17. You both are soo blessed!!! I love that last picture of the two of you! Congrats and here is to wishing you many more years together!!!!


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