Thursday, March 12, 2009

Take Me Away!

2-4 weeks. In 2 to 4 weeks, my passport will be here. Yippee! Honey? Wanna go somewhere?

These pics? Too blurry.
These? The lady said this was not a "true representation" of me because I look tanned. Please. It will be true enough in July!
This one? Some white growth on my chin here...(printer error)
This one? Yeah! Yea! This will work!
I know. I won't need a passport for Warrenton. But, the point is...I could go somewhere more exotic in 2-4 weeks! he he he

Do you have any vacation plans that require the dreaded pictures?

Happy Day!


  1. Girl, I am so broke... I couldn't pay attention! Trip shmip! Guess you will just have to take pictures for me! I see a wild trip coming up for you.I will probably see you on one of those late night episodes of "Poetry Girls Gone Wild"!

    Good photo!

  2. This is so funny! I got my hair cut today and Sharon was asking me if you and I would be going anywhere. I said it would probably have to be domestic unless I started bugging you to get your passport! So I was kind of making a note to myself to ask you about it this weekend and... there you are gettin' it done already! Where we goin', baby? That'll give us something to talk about this weekend!

    By the way, I may be biased, but I think that last picture is GORGEOUS!

  3. Two Mindys...your honey won't be able to contain himself!! You two might take a trip before Warrenton, it'll be a secret I'm sure!!

  4. Mindy~Those are great pics!
    What is wrong with the one's that make your face more tan?

  5. Janene, I have to raise my hand and swear that the photo is a true representation of what I presently look like. It would not have occurred to me that the tan look wasn't true. But, the lady making me swear said that it would have been a lie if I'd sworn! haha

    Thanks everybody! I must say it is a better pic than my last passport photo. Can't find it, or I'd share. I promise.


  6. Poetry Girls Gone Wild! haha Malisa! I really cracked up at this!

  7. Those are the best passport photo's I've seen. I wanna come to your photographer. Mine were horrible and I'm due for a renewal.
    Now...where ya goin?

  8. Hi Mindy,
    All the photos are great! You lucky girl you get to go on a vacation...haven't had one of those in a long time.


  9. Margo, the photographer was the lady at the post office. There was no mirror in the room, so I had to ask the couple in line behind me to help out with the hair. It was comical. Probably why the photographer got a real smile instead of a fake one.

    Y'all. I have no idea where we might go on vacation. I have had a yellow sticky on my desk with the word "passport" written on it since December.

    David's birthday is coming up in a couple months and I think he was thinking I'd never get the passport, so he was planning to stay domestic. It was like an early gift to him...? I get a passport and he takes me abroad. A win/win situation, I'd say! haha

    We'll keep you up on any destinations. I'm leaning away from Mexico, lest the drug lords kill us while we are there. garage sale this weekend. We are going out of town.


  10. Great pictures Mindy. Wish my passport pix looked that good. Haven't used mine though, in 10 years. May just have to get it out again! good luck finding a place to go! They say air fares are bargains right now!

  11. You look gorgeous....pack your bags girl!!

  12. I would love to see the world. Ireland and Spain being top of my list. But, with two toddlers, it might just be Disney Land for a few years. So, where ya going?

    Great shots, btw. I never look good in those. I'm tall and they shoot you from below. Makes for multiple chins.

  13. Great picture! I've never had a passport. Maybe I should go get one in anticipation of some great exotic trip! I like your optimistic way of thinking.


  14. I was just talking to my hubby yesterday about a passport and said even if we wanted to go away we couldn't because of that, so we are off this weekend to get one also. Maybe we'll see ya in Cabo???? Then I can inroduce my man to the one that I got that shrimp divalo recipe from that he so

  15. I was just telling my hubby we needed to get passports. He wanted to know why, since we aren't planning to go anywhere. I said, "That's the point! If I get the chance to go somewhere, I want to be ready!"


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