Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Big Spring Show is Coming!

Richard 003
Are you getting excited? Are you aware that Warrenton/Round Top is very, very soon? Did you know that a whole lotta work goes into actually buying, setting up and selling at this show?

I happened to catch Richard of Alston's in Garland last fall before he left for the show. Can you say Creative Packing?
Richard 005
I did not get to go to the show last year. But, Cher went and was kind enough to snap this picture of Richard as he rested after some major unloading/setting up.
Can you see him way back there with his knees up? He was whupped!

I am looking forward to this Spring Show. Tell me. Are you setting up there this year? Where? Are you shopping? Who do you like to shop with? Help me plan my days. And I certainly hope to see everyone at Theresa's Blog Party!

Happy Day!


  1. Mindy, you're lucky to get to go to the BIG ONE. From everything I hear, it is simply THE PLACE TO BE! My husband offerred me his air miles to fly down to his buddy's in Houston, but I'm kind of broke, so I thought that wouldn't be too much fun. Sigh, I guess I'll just have to save up for next time...

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  3. Mindy...
    I'm Witt's great aunt, Cheryl. First, I want to thank you for all of your sweet prayers and encouraging words. You may or may not know that my family runs the Zapp Hall Antique Show and we are blessed to have Richard (and his precious mom) on our property. Like most of our dealers, he has become part of the family!!! I may be biased but I highly recommend beginning AND ending out our show :)
    I can't wait to meet you!!!
    Cheryl Lehane

  4. I 2nd Cheryl's comment!! Isn't Richard and his mom the sweetest. I'll probably look like him when we unload all the stuff I have. Wow, I'll have to take a box of energy bars and energy drinks just to be able to unload it all, but I can't wait!!

  5. Oh phooey. I wish I could go. I can't wait to see all the pictures of all the great junk and fun and people and outfits and...everything! Have fun, Pam

  6. That Richard can load a trailer! LOL Honey, don't worry about planning your days...the days will plan you. There just never is enough of them! Debbie

  7. I hope I will get to go - to shop. I may not be there in time for Theresa's blogger party. Do you set up? and where? Hope to see you! Angie

  8. Girl, you know I will be there! I will be bringing Karen too! See today's post? She does exist!!! We will be there for the blog party,but want the opportunity to meet others who may not make the party. If you are going, but can't be there for the blogging party, please let me know! Mindy, are you setting up there? I think I may leave Lurch home this year...he will be so mad, but cool!


  9. I am going to see and be seen. I was going to buy...but, I'll be lucky to have enough money for gas in the tank there and back. Long, sad, boring story. But, the B&B is paid for and I am coming, flask in one hand, camera in the other! I WILL be at the blogger party. And Cheryl, I can't wait to meet you! I love your family. My bet is that I'll be at Zapp most of the time. God bless! ~Mindy

  10. Mindy,
    Hey girl, we are going to be the lone represenitives from Malakoff at Warrenton. Renee Jackson (AJunkQueen) has invited us to share a space with her in BAR W. So, by a week from today we will be there and set up selling. OMG, why am I on the internet and not at my shop painting something!!!!!! C ya there, Donna


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