Friday, March 20, 2009

Let Me Introduce You

This is my friend, Staci. We have been running buddies and best friends for a very long time. In the early 80's, we began a road trip tradition by going to church camps and choir tours together. In our 20's the two of us backpacked in Greece and Turkey for 5 weeks. Talk about a road trip! Now days, we usually hit the road at least once a year to shop at every garage sale we see and just have some girl time. We both like us some antiques.

Wanna see pictures?

Here, we are in London in the early 90's. Antiques in London. Sweet!
Riding a donkey on an island in Greece.
Yup. That's me in the pink.
Staci is at the wheel on a boat somewhere between Greek islands.
Staci getting us somewhere in Greece
More island hopping in Greece.
Ya gotta dance in Turkey!
Dancing in Turkey
Here, Staci married her souvenir from Turkey, Cem (pronounced Jim). They just celebrated 14 years of wedded bliss.
Staci and Cem's Wedding
Here we are this past October in Gruene with our menfolk.
Gruene Hall
Where to next? Well, next Saturday, one week from tomorrow...we are going to...
Gruene Hall
Warrenton!!! Look out peeps! Staci and I will be there! We are about silly, goofy, excited! Can't wait! See you there!

Road Trip!!!

We actually have been to Warrenton together, about 7 or 8 years ago. Back then, we only knew Richard (who we love). This trip will be on a Whole Nutha Level!

Happy Friday!


  1. Looks like you're gonna have a LOT of fun, Mindy! I can't wait to hear all about it, from a long distance...

  2. It's awesome that you have a friend like her to explore with. I wish I could see some other countries! Have a great time in Warrenton! ~Lori

  3. Staci and Cem are fun! And, oh my, you look good in that hat!

  4. What a wonderful opportunity you had! I think I'm jealous.
    You better bring that new passport, girl. You are heading into a whole different world next week! Tighten up those bra straps and put on your jungle red lipstick and get ready to have another once in a liftime roadtrip! See you soon, Debbie

  5. You two have shared some great adventures together! Have fun in Warrenton!

  6. WOW Greece and Turkey! I'm envious.....The closest I got to Greece and Turkey was one Thanksgiving when we fried one! LOL No I did take a Greek Lit class in high school and I remember reading Zorba and eating baklava...there's another old memory you've stirred up! I know you guys will have a ball at the Show! Old friend like that are the best!

  7. So special!! How wonderful to have a friend like that! Can't wait to meet both of you at Warrenton!!


  8. I'm still laughing from the Delighted Hearts comment!!! Omg! That was funny...Looks like you are in for a great time in Warrenton! Hope to see you there!! Debra

  9. Have fun in Warrenton!!! You look darling in that hat!! Not everyone can pull off hats, wear it in Warrenton!!! Krista

  10. Great pictures and a great friend. Hope you have a blast in Warrenton!


  11. What a fun friend to have. Have a great time in Warrenton.

  12. What a wonderful friendship...! And how lucky are you gals to be able to go!!! Have fun, take lots of pictures!!

  13. How lucky you two are that you've had the chance to travel like you had, so great you've had the same friend all these years to share these special moments with. My best friend that I've had since 7th or 8th grade is a Stacy also ... through thick and thin our friendship has stayed strong, even though we don't get to see each other often now, I know no matter what If I call her she'd be there no matter what.


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