Friday, March 13, 2009

I made the leap...

I made the leap, indeed! I joined facebook. A year ago, you would not have caught me on blog or facebook, and now look at me! On fb, I have reconnected with people I have known for years, and lost touch with. Mostly, folks I've known 25 years plus. What a cool thing!

So, I put my blog address on my facebook page, thingy, and who knows? I may have some new blog followers now. Welcome, my old friends!

Have you joined fb yet? Any interesting stories?

David and I are heading out of town this weekend, so there will be no garage sale. I hope that isn't too disappointing!

Happy Weekend and we will be back Sunday.


  1. How fun! I took the plunge last month for Junkmarket but have since been able to reconnect with quite a few old friends too. (Met one friend for lunch that I hadn't seen in 20 years!) Oprah had the creator of Facebook on her show today (who's 24 by the way) and he claimed the "over 30 crowd" is their fastest growing group on the site. Watch's addicting!!

  2. I finally crossed over and joined can be fun. Just make it the way you want it to be...see ya soon!

  3. Funny you mention the "over 30" crowd,Candy. I was invited to join FB before Christmas by a niece. Soon after, I was friends with other nieces and my college son and his girlfriend, etc. It was a fun, yet sneaky way to keep up on what they were up to. sisters, some aunts, some cousins, so on and so forth were all joining too. Great for us "over 30's" to catch up, but all of a sudden we don't hear much out of the younger folk. Either they're too busy studying for college...or they secretly moved to myspace or twitter!! Hmmm.

    Anyway, enjoy yet one more reason to sit in front of your computer!!

  4. Well, you already read one of my interesting stories on my blog. LOL I'm glad you joined fb's a blast. I've also found my best friend from grade school and jr. high. We kept in touch until about 8 years ago when I lost her (she moved). I'm so glad we're back in touch.

  5. You and David have fun this weekend!! Does it require a passport? (wink, wink)!

    I love fb... I've been able to reconnect with so many people from high school and college! I couldn't even fathom trying to find everyone then keep up to date with them daily without fb! And like Candy says......ADDICTING!

  6. Facebook is great for connecting with those people from childhood. It's amazing how many are on it. Have fun reconnecting with everyone!


  7. FB is addictive- I finally fell into it - and have "found" alot of friends, old and new!!!Great for networking! Between, 2 blogs, FB, Myspace, Etsy, Twitter, and email - I can NEVER get off the computer!!! LOL

  8. Mindy, I am kind of chicken to join facebook. I guess I don't know much about it. My college age son doesn't do any of the my space etc. stuff. He says too many people he knows have too much info they will be sorry for when they try to get into grad school. Since I have none of those concerns I may check it out. I don't think I will be up to anything sinister, haha. Pam PS Have a good time on your get away.

  9. I just got off of Facebook actually. I found it was getting a little creepy seeing snippets of other people's lives that I wasn't friends with. Just me. I got off. But then again I'm not really social.


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