Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stapled Glass

Whew! Life has been happening! Well, not my junking life, but, I have been busy.
My house is about to "get it together" for the 4th Annual Roadkill Chili Cookoff, hosted by moi. Last year, I had about 70 folks and 17 chili's entered. This year promises to be another big turnout. Sooo...guess who is in decorating mode! Inside and outside the house, things are happening. This corner is just getting started. I'll keep you updated as it evolves. See the jar with the lid on top of the wooden suitcase?
If you look close enough, you'll see the staples (or rivets) in the glass. This is an old school way of repairing cracked glass. You know me...I love me some imperfection! And the repair speaks for someone who cared enough about this piece to fix it, instead of chunk it. My kind of peeps.
The roses inside will soon be ditched. I have filled this jar with old shoe shine brushes in the past. Another time, with colored glass bottles. The colored bottles might be on their way back in. I liked that look a lot. What might you put in the jar with the stapled cracks?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. One of my favourite treasures ever is a huge old wooden butter bowl. It's gorgeous and it has a metal strip acting as repair. Only makes it more dear to me.

  2. How about crackers? I crack me up!!! Really though, how about some of those crackers they use at New Year's? Wouldn't that be fun?!

  3. I don't know what I'd put in it, but I sure do love it!

  4. I'll tell you what I love and that is the sign. Please put my name on it and when you are ready to part with it you'll know who to call :)

  5. I love that jar. The staples are something else, I have never seen that before, very cool! jojo

  6. Roadkill?

    Sounds like an even FringeMan would LOVE!


  7. Mindy, that sounds like a heck of a great time, chez toi! Do you post the winning chili recipe?


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