Thursday, March 19, 2009

Attention Warrenton Shoppers!

Pedestal Sink or Swim
(UPDATE: The sink above has been sold. In addition to the flickr pages that I recommended that you look at, you might also check on my old garage sales on blog and flickr. If it's not sold, it can be yours!)

My trip to Warrenton was meant as a buying trip. I don't have a space or anything. However, I have committed to loading my truck with a few items to be sold to dealers at Warrenton. So, wanna jump on the bandwagon? Go to my Primitiques flickr page and even my house pictures and go shopping. Holler at me for prices. If it will fit in my truck, I will bring it with your promise to purchase at Theresa's Blog Party at 2pm, Sunday, March 29th at Zapp Hall. Or you can go ahead and pay me with paypal now. I'll park somewhere nearby and you will pick it up at my truck and do with it as you please. No delivery. No dragging. Just being near the blog party for pickup. Sound good?
Prosthetic Glass Eyes

For those of you who can't make it to the Biggest Sale in Texas, well, I've got a little something for you. How bout a circa WWII glass, prosthetic eye? Your choice, $25 each. Or buy 3 or more at $20 each. Shipping will be extra, of course. You can go here to view all of the eyes. There are about 20 for sale. Some have red veins in them. There are Blue, Brown, Hazel, Green eyes. Your choice. Or I can randomly pick some for you. Fun stuff, eh?

You can contact me at with your Wish List.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Would any of them give me 20/20 vision. Hope you have a great time at Warrenton. Sometime before I'm too old, I really want to go to Round Top. Maybe in the Fall!

  2. Girl, I'm so poor if steamboats were a dime a dozen, all I could do would be to run up and down the bank yelling "Ain't that cheap"!
    Keep your fingers crossed we are blessed at this show.

  3. Yikes. Were there lots of eyeless peeps walking around back then? I want to see lots of photos from Warrenton. Some day I am going to get there and bring my hubs "Receipts" (his self proclaimed nickname) with me. Have fun! Pam

  4. My grandfather had a glass eye...put his eye out opening a package when he was a kid.(early 1900s) The glass eyes were expensive...later he'd be wrestling with his brother and his mother would yell at him to quit. He hollar's ok mom, I've got my eye in my pocket! You stirred up a memory for me today...thanks! Hope to see you at the show!

  5. Jeepers creepers those peepers freak me out, but there very interesting. Hope you have a blast in Warrenton. I must make it down there some day! jojo

  6. "Ain't that cheap?"...Debbie, you are cracking me up! Indeed! I hope this show ROCKS!

    Patti, cool story!

    I will be in reporter mode. I do believe I will have more time than money. So, lots of pics will be taken and lot of visiting will be had!

  7. Eyes? For real? Feeling a strange pull from the bottom of my belly...
    Rock that show this weekend. Get rich and come back with an empty truck!

  8. So funny to see the set of eyes. I bought from a friend of mine a set of eye glass lense samples - in some ways, I feel like we made a match!!! Fun to read ya. Come out to Roseville sometime, k? Sandy - The Tattered House

  9. OMG!! Eyes? Where do you find this stuff!!! BTW, did they sell?


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