Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I want a Chick-fil-a world

Do you know what I'm talking about? Have you ever been to chick-fil-a and had a bad experience? I have never. Every time I go, I want to take the nice people home with me. I want to pick them up and put them into other businesses that could benefit from good manners and kindness.

No pickles? No problem.

Have a nice day. Every day.

Manners. Always.

Closed on Sundays spending time with their families. As we all should.

I absolutely love how I feel when I leave that place.

If you live where there is no such restaurant, I am so sorry. Good food and good people. An exception, it seems, these days.

Happy Day!

ps. This post started out as a whiney post and I decided to turn it around. Negativity is so ugly. So, I'm going with positive. Be grateful. It wasn't good reading, either! haa


  1. I DO know what you're talking about. I always thought I'd like to live in Mayberry. A Chick-fil-A would have done well there.

  2. Amen, Sister! We love Chick-fil-A. Do you think they actually train their workers to be nice -- that's quite a concept. Besides that, I love those waffle fries. Jan

  3. I love Chick-Fil-A!!!! BUT, I don't have one in NY. Stinks, I know. :-(


  4. I loooooove Chick-fil-a. Eat there almost every week. Great job turning it around. We should all do that.


  5. I love Chick-Fil-A, had one in Fort Collins Colorado, but not a one near us in Nebraska. Sure miss pickles on the sandwhiches. We do have a nice little bar that will make me one that comes very close to it!!

  6. It's funny I should read your post just days after I read a Men's Health article on Yahoo naming Chick-Fil-A one of the healthier choices for fast food. Good customer service is worth every cent! -Candy

  7. ummmmm, and good food too, I imagine. OH ya, I'm imagining.

  8. Here's a game we play at Chic-Fil-A. They are trained to say "my pleasure" whenever you say thank you. So the game is to beat them to the punch and have an opportunity to say "my pleasure" first. It usually gets a little grin out of them.


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