Friday, March 6, 2009

Knock on Wood

Some of you might recall for Christmas, I was gifted some old wood flooring. It was determined that there was enough wood to lay in my dressing area. David thought it might be a fun project for us to do together. I hate projects. So, it soon became a David project, with me cheering him along.
The baseboards need to come up
After ripping out the carpet and scraping the floor, David realized that to do this job right, the baseboards would have to come up, too. The wood planks are fairly thick.
up with the baseboards
So, up the baseboards came.
2009FEBRUARY02 006
Somewhere around this time, I was reminding David how much I love him.
Look! Baseboards back down. Planks flat and in place. Beautiful!
pretty wood!
Smooth ride? Ugh. It's March and he started in January. What do you think? Wood popped up in two different places. Humps were discovered in the concrete. Humidity happened. Boards were ripped up. Beer was consumed. Boards were laid again. Concrete garden pavers were used for weights.

Though I was not his helper, David did have a little helper.
With a little help from Flat Stanley
Flat Stanley chipped in when he could. And look! David still has a smile on his face! I love this man! Thank you, dear! And thanks, LucyJane, for the wood. David requests that any future gifts include someone else! *wink*

Happy Friday!


  1. The floor looks great and David is smiling! What more could you ask? Who sent you Flat Stanley?


  2. Tell David he did a great job! Baseboards put back too, WOW! I've been without baseboards in my hall for quite a few years! David, where are you? Just kidding! I'm sure my hubby is going to do it tomorrow! (o:

  3. I'm so jealous. I'm putting that new stuff down & looks like you have real wood. I'll just be glad to get this carpet up. Even if it took a couple of months, it looks well worth it. You're a lucky gal! Jan

  4. I have to laugh....hubby and I have laid many a wood floor over the past 10 years! It's a job!!

    Looks beautiful!


  5. Love the wood floor! David would have had the smile the whole time had the list "started" with consumed beer. But such a nice feeling to have it done, right!?

  6. Way to go David!! It looks great and you're still smiling, so I'd say it was a success.

  7. NIce work, David & Flat Stanley! You make a good team!!

  8. I laugh at how you love these old things, want them employed, but don't fancy the work. Once I thought I didn't mind the work but now I know differently. I like to cheer alongside, too, although my cheering sounds a little like bossing from time to time. Gorgeous floor though.


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