Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Whatever it is, It's Oak

I love oak. Raw, unpainted, American Oak. I saw this piece in a big sale in a warehouse a while back. I was looking it over and caressing the oak when the guy over the sale informed me that it is a humidor. Well, I knew no different. It has a plug and some kind of tubing and fan. I just nodded my head and smiled and thought "Whatever. It's oak. I like it". We settled on a price and I loaded it up, this oak thing.

Wouldn't it make a cool kitchen island?

I took it to Primitiques and never plugged it in. Slapped a price on it and labeled it "humidor". It looked good loaded up and displayed. Oak. Yum!

A nice man came by one day, plugged it in, discovered it "cools" and it is not a humidor. Huh. An old pie display? Some kind of restaurant or deli display? What's your best bet? It's still for sale. $175. Come and get it. Tell me what it is before you load it up. All I know is...well, it's oak.


  1. I love that piece and yes it would be a great kitchen island. In my home the island must be able to house the dishwasher.

    Oak is one the best feels in the world. I bought an old oak desk at a garage sale for $10. Jan came home and here in his garage space sits this big desk, 7 drawers and two oak pulls to boot. He was not amused. Well, he fixed the leg and the black ink came off the top with Orange pledge. So the ugly fish stand is gone and this beautiful oak desk is now the stand for the 55 gallon fish tank. Very cool place to sit, read and write. Maddie loves it. (the ugly fish stand sold at my garage sale for $10) Win, Win!!

  2. My husband needs a humidor that big. Let us know if you find out what it really is. Nice piece.

    The Texas Woman

  3. I bet the white panels could be covered in wallpaper. Just a thought.


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