Monday, September 22, 2008

Old Fence Panels - Hartman

Cher, here's the wording from an ad I once ran: I have 5 panels made of heavy duty rebar and heavy metal. Two have decorative curly cues on top. Two have the curly cues on top with heavy metal, ornate design on bottom. And one has the name -Hartman- on top with the curly cues underneath. They are about 8'2" long and 3'2" tall. I do not have the posts these were cut from.
I will head up to the store in the morning and try for some better pics if you'd like. From what I can see, "man" could be removed with a might want to remove (cut) the Hart off and have it welded in the center.
Maybe I'll get to meet you soon, huh?

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