Saturday, September 27, 2008

Reflections of Poetry

Today, I was en route to Primitiques when what do ya know? There was a garage sale. Had to stop, of course. Oh, yeah....these will be in the store next week.

Have you ever tried to take pictures of mirrors? Not an easy task. There are bevels, there is missing silvering, they are all bare edged with no rough, broken edges. They can be yours. Well, the ones all grouped together can be yours, any or all.

I must show off the one I intend to keep. The round bottom, the contoured top, the silvering gone and ghosty, the beveled edges. I am drooling still and it's already mine! I took some pics trying the round on bottom and the round on top. Which do you prefer? I'm inclined to like the round on the bottom with the contour on top.

The very talented, Ms. Kathie Butler, has made her mark on Primitiques. She brought some goodies today that I might buy if you don't hurry. Come see!

A big thanks to Andrea and Gayla for coming by the store Friday. I hope that y'all are enjoying your goodies! Liz and Doug came by and it was nice visiting with them. Also, I hear Donna has hit the store a few times. Hello? You guys need to sign the guest book when I'm not around. Sorry I've missed you, Donna.

Have you found your Virtual Homely Coming outfit yet? See Wednesday's (9/24) blog for the scoop.


  1. Round on top.

    Working on my prom outfit. You'll love my shoes.

    The Texas Woman

  2. On the easel, I prefer the round on bottom. If it were wall-mounted, it might depend on what else was around it.


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