Friday, September 12, 2008

Secrets Told

Here it secret a few of us around here know about: Alston's Old Home Place in Garland. My scavenger friend, Richard and his mother, Jo Ann will make you feel at home as soon as you step out of your truck. That homey feeling can be attributed to the fact that this house is the very home in which Jo Ann was raised. You can go to their website ( for the history and for shopping.

Richard tells me that he is too busy buying and selling and keeping up with his website to start blogging. Currently, he is busy getting ready for Warrenton. He tells me that he doesn't go to the prom. Too busy selling, I imagine.

JoAnn can tell you stories about the house and the merchandise. It's fun to sit and visit with the two of them.

The old Alston house is over 1500 square feet inside with 8 rooms filled to the brim.

Plus, there's all kinds of good stuff in the front and back yards, as well as the covered porches.

Plan on some time to dig and peruse. Richard will be around, stripping, painting, welding, repairing and sprucing up pieces for sale. He'll gladly take a break to show you some goodies.

Over the years, Richard and I have dug through some barns together in search of treasures. He often has an eye for things I don't see the same way. And he later brags to me about how quickly he sells those odd things!

He often tells me of his "finds". For instance, a couple weeks ago, Richard was stopped at a red light when he observed a truck next to him filled with goodies. Richard flagged the man down and in quick fashion, bargains were made on the side of the road and all that stuff was soon in Richard's truck! You gotta love it. Richard calls this a "Red Light Special". HA!

Check back tomorrow for more pics of Alston's Old Home Place. Oh! And don't go rushing to Garland tomorrow, as they are open Thursday thru Saturday, 10am - 6pm.


  1. Atta Girl! Good job. BTW-Isn't he the best. I call him the King of Zappand JoAnne is a doll. Deb

  2. Ahh! Praise from the Queen! Whew! Thank ya. He is the best. Love him! And Jo, she's just as sweet as can be. Good peeps. ~Mindy

  3. Wow! I want to go there! I want to go there bad!

    The Texas Woman


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