Thursday, September 4, 2008

Groovy Bargain Day

SOLD! Both chairs are gone, gone, gone! Yea!

I have these groovy vinyl chairs that I will let go for $20 each. Comment if you are interested. The yellow chair seems pretty flawless. The green chair has about a 1 inch cut in the seat. Come check 'em out.

The offending tooth was pulled today. Bout to head to the screened porch to convalesce. Have you ever had a tooth pulled? As an adult? Man, the story I could tell...but, I'd rather sleep. Groovy.

Happy Days.



  1. Oh Honey, you need some serious R&R. The last time I had a tooth pulled, it was wisdom teeth and my anesthesist was drop dead gorgeous.

    Don't drink anything from a straw, dry sockets are worse than vertigo.

    I like the chairs, but don't have anywhere to put them.

  2. Keep the drugs handy, Darlin.

    Love your pretty chairs.

    The Texas Woman


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