Saturday, September 6, 2008

Finders Keepers

You know, it's Saturday. The day we, as junkers, hit the garage sales. We dig through boxes and climb through garages and barns looking for that special "find". But, today, being under the influence of powerful drugs, I decided to skip out on any sales. And then an old buddy, who I had forwarded my blog to, called and we decided to meet up at Primitiques. She had never been, so I had to show off a little.

Kathie Butler. A little bit about Kathie. I met her several years ago when we were both dealers at an antique mall in Terrell. Let me tell you. Every single time I went into the mall, Kathie's booth was different. I dubbed her The Queen of Resets. She could move stuff around in that space like nobody's business and it always looked new and fresh and I wanted to buy from her!

Years later, we have gone in different directions and life has continued to happen. I have Primitiques and a man in my life. She has quit dealing in antiques and has shoved both daughters out the door to college.

As we sat in the store visiting, it occurred to me that Kathie could be my "find" for the day! She has been out of the business for just long enough to miss it like a body part. After discussing it with Kathie and Jeannie, my business partner, it was decided. Kathie is back in business!

New blood can be an exciting thing! Let's see...let me try to impress upon you what a coup this is. Kathie. Hmm. Besides being the Queen of Resets. She likes primitives, like I do. She actually works on stuff. I tend to buy and sell as is. She's not afraid of a paint brush or texture or fixing stuff. She is funny and full of life. She has an eye for what's happening and she can put vignettes together like there's no tomorrow. She has sold in antique malls, Buchanan's and Canton. She's worked with names like Mayron ( and well, heck, I don't know who else. But, Mayron should impress you!

Kathie, I know you are reading this. Feel free to comment and fill in any blanks. Impress the masses! Bring 'em in!

I think Kathie is too busy shopping on her way home to be reading this. She is, after all, back in business!

And I did find a keeper today! Yee Haw!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I would love to meet you at Marburger, to bad you can't come. Maybe you can make it in the Spring.
    I want to see lots of pictures of your store. Do you know my friend Theresa from Garden Antiques? She lives in Huntville. TX.

  2. Mayron impressed me! Congratulations on your "find."

    The Texas Woman

  3. Mindy, Thanks for going thru my archives and leaving kind words. I love how this blogging works, how we learn from each other, encourage each other, and just flat make new friends!

    The Texas Woman

  4. Well, Holy Buckets Girlfriend!! You can't hold still or sit for more than a minute and you are off and running. I am glad to hear you have a new business partner and that all is well in the land of "Mindy". I love your blog and just know, someday I will come down and see the store and drink margaritas with you and David.

  5. Did someone say MARGARITAS? You know I'm in! Mindy, it's good to see you so excited about this joint venture with Kathie. I look forward to meeting her. Hope you feel better soon, my love.

  6. Please show us Kathie's vignettes as soon as she displays them. I used set at the show that Mayron, Marcie and Judy Hill did "Possibilities" in Fayetteville and I can tell you I miss seeing their talent. We were just in Terrell, found some cool shops, which one were you in? Please send me details on your shop. Happy Sunday, T

  7. Did someone say margaritas...just popped over from Time Worn Interiors, you will love this Theresa, I have not met the othertheresa, only through the blog, but I'm sure she'll be a dear friend too.

    Glad to have ya around, I am trying to figger out how to sto-away with one of them for the jaunt to the Texas show. Once a dealer always a dealer (or is it addict), enjoyed your blog...I will return.



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