Friday, May 21, 2010

Bowls, Spoons and Tablecloths

I have over 80 bowls and spoons. Seriously.

Ok. Some of the "bowls" are actually vintage melamine coffee mugs. Anything with a handle or a finger hole is a good thing for a chili cookoff. Easier to hold as you move from chili to chili.
Finger bowls are great for sampling chili, as well. Most folks don't prefer a full size bowl when tasting 15+ chilis.

The butter pats make great spoon rests. I need more. Don't you think butter pats would make a great hostess gift? Just sayin'.

With over 60 folks coming to The 5th Annual Roadkill Chili Cookoff at my place tomorrow, I'm grateful that I have continued to pick up spoons this year while out garage sale-ing.
bowls and spoons
Yes. I provide "real" dishes for my parties. I did not collect most of these vintage bowls to have them in a cabinet while we eat off plastic. No way! I think the guests enjoy the choice and the variety.

And then there are the 10 tables in my front yard. I figure if I have collected vintage tablecloths for years, then I ought to use those, too.
tables and chairs in yard
Nope. You're not seeing the tablecloths yet. I still need to iron them. Ick. Are there any cookoff attendees who want to arrive early and iron???

I'll share David's pictures next week. Guess I better pick out something cute to wear, huh?

It was fun seeing what y'all like to eat with your chili. I made my chili last night and I do believe it's a contender. It has no beans, and I sampled it with mild cheddar and fritos. Yum! It's a touch spicy, but not slap your momma hot. Oh, no! I didn't ask you that! Do you like your chili spicy hot???

For those of you who are coming, I'm looking forward to seeing you. And for those who aren't coming, I wish you were!

Happy Weekend!


  1. looks like it will be a fun time! if i were coming i'd lick my bowl clean!

  2. Sounds like tons of fun! You're making me hungry just thinking about it. saltines and cheddar cheese, yummy! Oh and sour cream.
    Have a great party,

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you don't use paper or plastic! My DIL uses paper and plastic for THANKSGIVING! And it's a formal sit down not a PICNIC! But I do love her dearly so I overlook it. If I lived where you are I'd give you a run for your money in the chili cook-off! I want to come to your party.

  4. If you run out of bowls, maybe Rob-Uh-lyn can loan you some of her matching cool whip ones.
    If you want to know my favorite way to eat beans...fritos...onions...jalapenos...and nacho cheese sauce on top. Yum Yum! If I wasn't up to neck in work I'd be there!

  5. I'm just sad... so sad...

    I'm going to scratch some more. Girl - butter pats? Hmmmmm.....

    Is that a Dallas Cowboy bowl I see in the pile of coolness? LOL I'd share my coolwhip bowls any 'ol time with you.

    :-D Hope you're having fun!!!

  6. Mmmm. Roadkill.

    Second Hand Chicks

  7. Oh Mindy, your place looks like THE place to be tomorrow!
    I actually made a big pot of chili today, wish I wuz bringing it over to share.

    Have fun!

  8. Looks like it's going to be a super fun party, Mindy. Love all of your tables and chairs out there. Good luck with your pot - I'm sure it's finger licking good!

  9. I am all about using "real" dishes....why collect them and not use them? I love all the tables! I can't wait to see all of the pics. Have fun!

  10. Hey, Mindy, love all the "real" bowls and all your tables. I agree...if you've got it, use it!
    Hope you had a great time!!!


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