Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Clothes Racks+Closets+Excessive Clothing = Party in Poetry

Today, I spent the morning trying on clothes. I have a lot of clothes.

I went from one clothes rack...
2010May12_Clothesracks and Closets 005
To the next clothes rack...
2010May12_Clothesracks and Closets 002
I did not even make it to this closet...
2010May12_Clothesracks and Closets 006
No chance to sample the clothes in this closet either...
2010May12_Clothesracks and Closets 008
I hit this closet yesterday...
2010May12_Clothesracks and Closets 010
Yes, those are camo pants...
2010May12_Clothesracks and Closets 011
You thought I was kidding when I told you I had a lot of clothes, didn't you?

Here's the plan. After trying on lots of clothes this morning, I have decided to refrain from using the clothes racks anymore. If it doesn't fit in my closets, it goes. If it's larger than I am. It goes. If it resembles Mom Pants, it's outta here.

I am going to reload a rack with "get rid of" clothing (minus Mom Pants, which will be burned). I am going to invite all of my girlfriends over (you included) to my house for a Clothing Exchange Party. We're tentatively looking at Saturday, May 29 (Memorial Day weekend), brunch.

Girl friends and family are encouraged to clear out your closets and bring spring and summer clothes over to my place. Wrong color on you? Wrong size on you? Too short? Too long? "What were you thinking when you bought that?" I've got clothes from 8's to 18's and M's to 1x ready for trading. Check out this stack...
2010May12_Clothesracks and Closets 013

We'll load up the clothes racks, take turns "shopping", and then whatever is left will be boxed up and donated to charity. Who is in? The more ladies who come, the more variety, sizes, etc.

I know some of you have participated in such fun. Tell me how your exchange went. Did you draw numbers to see who went first? Did you model for everyone to see? What if more than one person wanted something?
2010May12_Clothesracks and Closets 001

If you respond that you want to come and this date is good for you, I will contact you with details, evite, etc.

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Wish I lived closer so I could come! I thought I had a lot of clothes...boy was I wrong. The next my hubby says I have too many do you mind if I show him yours?

  2. Mallie, sure! Show him. Understand, if I'd remain relatively the same size, there would be no "need" for all these clothes. I tend to save the cute ones (in any size)in case I need them later. At this point, I'm going to aim to rid myself of the larger sizes, with no plans to "go there" again. ~Mindy

  3. What a great idea!

    And for what it's worth, camo pants ROCK!


  4. I thought I love and have too many clothes...until today. You game me a run for the money and won! About 5 years ago my son's teacher was taking a missionary trip to Mexico. She asked me if I got stuff I wanted to donate and I told her I did the only problem was how to get to them. Well, One Sunday morning I decide to tackle the walking closet in the master room. I started to throw things everywhere and end up calling the teacher for help. The deal was I will make a pile, she will sort out and boxed. We started at 1:00 PM and finished at 9:00. This does not give me any pride but we filled 17 big boxes and this was out of just one closet and only my clothes. There was stuff with tags still attached and stuff that I wonder if I was in crack the day I bought those. I tell you though, somewhere in Mexico that year there was a big mama wearing some serious sparkly gowns?????Arg.... It is called too much money and not enough sense to used it. I pray a lot about becoming a good steward. I still shop a lot, I'm trying to change my habits. I always think that if I didn't shop so much I will probably have a really fat bank account. I love your idea, it will be a great girlfriends get together, most importantly the chance of doing something for charity. Good luck with your plans. Blessings, Marta.

  5. Anne, the do rock!

    Hi Marta! How are ya? I love this story! Sparkly gowns in Mexico. What a hoot! 17 boxes! That is great! Yup. I shrunk into some shorts that I had ordered on line and I'll be darned if they don't have goofy pockets. Tags still attached. Ugh. I hope to have a good turn out. ~Mindy

  6. Hi Mindy
    This sounds so great! Wish I lived closer... I hope you gals have a blast... and take pictures!

  7. Rebecca, I wish you lived closer, too!

    Pam, you are SOOO close enough. Come to the Swap! You ought to! Really! You can see my house and land and my store is 5 minutes away. Come to Poetry! ~Mindy

  8. Okay! Count me in! But - I'll tell you... my clothes wouldn't even fit on ONE of your racks! Good gravy girl! LOL

    My winter clothes fit in one rubber maid tub, my summer clothes fit in a different rubber maid tub. I've gotta go shopping.

    :-D robelyn

  9. I SO wish I could go to your clothing exchange part! How fun. I did that once and we all had a blast shopping in each others 'closets'. Hope it works well for you.

    I do have to say that I don't think I've ever seen so many clothes outside of a store. How do you ever decide what to wear in the morning?

  10. WOW girl - you really do have a clothing store! Wish I could make it all the way down there - the only problem is that all the clothes I would have to donate have paint on them!!!!! I can't seem to keep anything paint free - cuz I'm always gonna just touch that piece up - won't take a minute - how could I possibly get paint on me??????? Always do tho!

  11. What a GREAT idea! Having fun and cleaning out the closet...good times!

  12. Mindy, that is such a fabulous idea! Brilliant, in fact.


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