Tuesday, May 4, 2010

David's Birthday Road Trip

This past weekend was David's birthday trip to the Warrenton/ Fayetteville/ New Ulm area.

We geocached.
Caching Along
We ate cupcakes any time we felt like it. (Made by Brendals Cakes in Rowlett)
David's Birthday Cupcakes
David worked on the travel trailer.
Workin' it
I played "Hey Cow!"
2010May1-3_David's Birthday Trip 055
David opened birthday gifts when he least expected it.
Reptile Book
We paused for pictures.
Us smiling!
Birthday Boy David
I talked to Robelyn on the phone.
Talking with Robelyn
We made a u-turn to check this out.
Moth Catcher
I took a picture of a stink bug. My sister hates stink bugs.
Stink Bug
Oh! And David took pictures, too!
Doin' his thang - David
We had a wonderful time celebrating David's birthday. And you better believe I called his mother to thank her for having him. He's the best gift I could ever ask for!
Smiles and Kisses
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Mindy, looks like you both had a good time for David's B-day. sandi

  2. Y'all just define adorable!

    I love that you called and thanked his mama!


  3. Wow! I came here via Fiona & Twig~I live in Katy =)
    And, I am "from" New Ulm! What in the world did you do there??? Do you have a place nearby.
    Nice to meet you =)

  4. Diane, we went to work on the travel trailer we leave in Warrenton, as I do shows at Zapp twice a year. It was a dual purpose trip. I do believe I stood in your space at the Art Fair on Sunday! ha!

    Anne, it does not escape me that his mom is greatly responsible for the man he is today. I just love her!

    Sandi, it was beautiful! I am glad to hear you had a good time in Texas! ~Mindy

  5. Mindy~Yes! I remember you....because I liked your beautiful white blouse/dress =) It is a very, very small world!!

  6. LOVE these photos! So glad you had a great time. By the way, saw your pic on David's blog and I adore your outfit, including the bling. You look so darn cute! Love it.

  7. I'm laughing... I like takin' a birthday road trip with you and David! LOLOLOL What was the cool thing on the fence? I liked talking to you on the phone - and that's so cool that you called his mama!!!

    You crack me up... and I yelled at cows again this morning.

    ;-) robelyn

  8. So glad you had a good time - and that you called his mama! You guys always look so cute and so happy together - it just doesn't get any better than that does it?

  9. David is a lucky man, much loved and appreciated.

  10. Makes me smile whenever I see the two of you together. Life is good.

  11. Thank you FG!

    Robelyn, life will never be the same now that you know about Hey Cow! huh?

    Kris and Jan, life does not get better.

    Mr. Flannery, I feel like the lucky one. It's a wonderful life with him, you know?


  12. Thank you so much for a wonderful trip, my love! You certainly made my birthday special! XO!


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