Friday, May 7, 2010

Did you guess?

Do you know what this is?
No movable parts.

It's not from a fan.

It's not from a clothes dryer.

Not a seat cushion or a table.

It would look great hanging on a wall. For sure.

2010May7-finds 002
It's original use....a rack in a circa 1950 Automatic Hotpoint Dishwasher!
Automatic Hotpoint Dishwasher Rack 1950's
Source. Pretty cool, huh?

Can you see it now? A wonderful piece to use when serving buffet style.
2010May7-finds 003
I think I will fill it up with the smaller bowls and use it for my chili cookoff in a few weeks.
2010May4-art and dishes 006
Then, maybe I'll hang it on the wall.

Happy Shopping, Sales and Weekend!


  1. Ooooh, I LOVE this... The possibilities are endless. Love the idea of using it on a buffet. Cool thinking! Lezlee

  2. I think you could use that for a base to create a groovy gravy chandelier! My brain is working overtime! How about...? Or...? You could do it this way...!


  3. You know, I thought it looked like it would hold dishes. But since I didn't realize it went in a dishwasher, I couldn't see what the point of that would be. Very good, baby!

  4. That would be GREAT for the buffet table. Nowadays, the dishwasher racks are made to self-destruct. LOL

    Happy hunting

  5. Never, Never Sell It!! It is just too cool, I can think of a million ideas for it. Good Eye Girl!

  6. I LIKE it!!! My dishes would look great in that...

    ;-D robelyn


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