Friday, May 14, 2010

Clothes Swaps are HOT!

I had no idea! If you google "Clothes Swaps", you will find yourself some good reading materials. I thought I would check and see if there were any "rules" to such an event since I am hosting one. Indeed. Lots and lots of rules.

Some say you can only take home as many items as you bring to the party. Yeah. I'm not playing that game. If you can use it, you can take it.

No money is to be exchanged. That's right.

Some say if two girls want the same thing, flip a coin. I think we're going to try leg wrestling at my party. The first girl flipped loses. I'm kidding. We'll have you both model the clothes, then we'll vote on who looks best in it. I'm kidding! Y'all can duke it out. Oh, but if I want it, I get it. It's my party. HA!

We are only swapping spring and summer at this shindig. If it goes well, fall and winter will be another excuse for a party in a few months, huh?

Some folks refer to this as "swishing". I don't.

Oh! One just suggested telling my guests to wear clear deoderant instead of the white stuff that gets on everything. That's good advice!

Someone else suggests drawing numbers. But, we are not going to go in a rotation. I'm fairly certain, ours will be a free for all.

We will go with "you must try it on before you take it". I think this will prevent folks from taking things that might not work out once they get home. I don't have to see it on you. But, you do!

An auction. Someone said to hold the item up, tell a description including size, fabric, etc, and have interested people raise their hands, like an auction. Once again, what to do when 2 people square off? hmmm Grab the video camera, for sure. Heck, in my larger days, I sure as heck wasn't going to discuss my size "hmm hmm" with other ladies. We are going with anonymity, as best we can.

Another suggestion is to reserve the right to reject unstylish clothing. Holy cow! That call is to be made by whoever wants to take it home! I'm not planning on bashing my friend's wardrobes. But, if Mom Jeans show up, mockery is inevitable. HA!

No lingerie or underwear. Agreed.

Shoes, belts and purses are ok. OK. Sure! I'm not opposed to someone bringing purses....
Robelyn! Got any purses??? he he he

One site mentions bringing jewelry for exchange. Well, I guess we could. Hadn't thought about it. Heck, we could be at my house for DAYS if we do all this, huh?

Ha! Someone else calls it the
Naked Lady Party (NLP)! This is funny! I will, however, provide try-on rooms. Modesty is completely comprehended by this hostess.

Another site said invite 10 ladies, another suggested 35. I have invited over 50 and so far, had 5 RSVP. We have a nice crossover of sizes so far, from 6 - 18, with some plus sizes on the horizon. So, see? This is very doable.

All of the sites I visited agreed on one rule. When it's all said and done, box up all the leftovers and donate them to charity. I'm on board with that. Any local folks know of a worthy charity?

To add to the fun, I'm frying bacon and serving brunch. I do love a good party with bacon!

Sounds like fun, doesn't it? Get busy. If you're not around Poetry on May 29, maybe you can host your own Swap Party, aka Naked Lady Party.

Happy Weekend, Sales and Shopping!


  1. And everyone can dance around the room to the Bare Naked Ladies singing "If I had a million dollars"! Sounds like fun, but I'll be getting bizzy for the W&T sale.
    P.S. You know where there's shoes I would so be there if I could!

  2. Girl, you know I'd be begging you to bring the white linen dress an acrylic earrings. You're finished with those, aren't you? You and your goods will be missed! ~Mindy

  3. What a great way to both recycle and save money. I may have to try this. Have a good one. Jan

  4. Leg wrestling, YES!
    That's incentive enough to get me there.
    Y'all are gonna have so much fun. Shoot, I might even host my own local version. :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Okay - so it occurred to me last night that I replied on facebook - on the phone a few times - and NEVER commented here! What the heck?

    All you had to do was wave bacon under my nose. With bacon in hand as trade I'd probably trade the whole single-wide. So sad - so true...

    I'll be there!!! I'm not leg wrestlin' though - I'd always win, then someone would hate me, I'd be crushed... and so on!

    Purses? check. Sparkles? check.

    :-D this is gonna be FUN!!!

  6. Wish I lived closer and could come. Gosh I miss all the fun stuff in Texas!

  7. Damn! I'll sponsor a Naked Ladies Party.

  8. I always donate my "good" used clothes to the Hospice Resale shop in Brenham. If you have one in your area, I vote for that. Sounds like such a fun event!


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