Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spring Fever

I've got the fever.

The Birds are singing.
Bird on Canvas
The flowers are blooming.
2010May4-art and dishes 004
To sum it all up, spring is springing.
Vines and Springs
Mom (Dad, sister, sister's beau and David) came over for Mother's Day and helped me clean house. Seriously. Burn piles were burned. My workshop was cleaned out. David discovered that I have a tiller after 2.5 years of dating. HA! Bushes and trees were trimmed. We were busy!
Now I have Spring Cleaning Fever. I want to take off work and clean. I want to get rid of everything that's in my way. I want to minimize. Simplify.

Who really needs that much Tupperware? I have clothes racks and closets packed with clothes from single digits to high double digits. Perhaps I could be optimistic and rid myself of my fat clothes. Yeah. There is a stack of 'em by my front door right now. It's all going. No time to eat anyway. Single digits, here I come!
me and the goat
(photo courtesy of David)
If I don't move quickly, while the spring fever is active, I'll settle on things the way they are. Noooo! I. Must. Clean.

Has the fever hit you yet?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. It has. Except ten times worse. Cause it's nesting AND spring fever. Not sure what to do with myself.

  2. I've got fever, but it doesn't involve a tiller!

  3. I love that top/dress you're wearing. Seriously, it's perfect. Happy Cleaning!

  4. Pam, he didn't actually use the tiller. He just discovered it when he emptied the workshop.

  5. Spring Fever is good! It gets us moving.
    Breathe my direction, I need a little kick in the pants to get going on the big purge myself!


  6. Pam, I could not see the tiller as it was under a layer of other stuff. But one can step into the work shop now. Without stopping on top of or straddling anything. It's wonderful!

    Baby, I am so proud of you!

  7. Been cleaning out closets and e-baying the items, much easier than a garage sale. Thanks for extra inspiration!!

  8. Love that picture of you and the goat in the front yard! Very cute! I have never heard of someone asking their mother to clean their house for mother's day,but good idea! ;) Keep moving, girl!


  9. I've got spring fever sooooo bad that I'm trying to cool off!!!

    I'm driving Mr. M crazy!!!!

  10. Okay - so I've read this a couple of times trying to think of something witty and funny to say... all's I've got is this.

    WHAT THE HECK?!!? What's your water got that mine doesn't? I don't even WANT TO GO TO MY HOUSE it's that bad!!! So - please - you and David bring your tiller 'cause that's what it will take to dig through my house right now.

    That's it - cute goat! LOL Oh - and you're cute too - dang photogenic, bird callin', flower smellin', house cleanin' guru you.

    :-D robelyn

  11. I just love that picture of you on your front yard, Mindy!!!


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