Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Winnie & Tulula's - Junk & Disorderly

I ran in to Athens this morning to "work it" at Winnie & Tulula's.
My space
After throwing out some new stuff and fluffing my space, I decided to travel the store with my camera. Check these out.

You've got your groupings:
Liz's Corks
Lillie's Space
And here are some close ups:
Curious Goods
Margo's Space
A few more goodies:
Curious Goods
Liz's Space
Debbie & Danny's Space
Liz and Fran's space
Charrise's space
Like what you see? Come see us, Wednesday through Saturday, 10a - 5p. 119 E. Tyler St, Athens, Texas.

Be sure to mark your calendar for Junk & Disorderly, a celebration of our 1 year birthday/anniversary with a sidewalk sale! Saturday, June 5 from 10-5. If you haven't heard the rumors...Our parties and sales are FUN!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Well good grief - you had a crazy morning!!! LOVE what you did with the place! LOL Fluffin' - fantastic - those two gold chairs are da' bomb - and I like the new temporary home for the bins!!!

    And I'm just sitting here with a stupid grin over the bunny rabbit. LOLOLOL

    ;-) I'm always disorderly - it's one of my more endearing qualities - I'm gonna have to come hang with the others like me...

    :-D robelyn

  2. I'm such a suitcase ho, so I'm partial to the stack-o-suitcases.

    Isn't it just so much fun to have a playhouse to play in? :-)


  3. I definitely like what I see, Mindy. Especially that shabby birdcage. Btw, I can't get enough of those faboulous walls at W&T's.

  4. I love that birdcage, I have looked at it several times when I've been at W&T, if it keeps sitting there I may have to take it home with me.

  5. Great photos! I like the close ups of all that stuff. Especially love the crusty old gate and leaded glass windows.

  6. how the heck am I supposed to wait until June 5th to get my hands on all that good junk! Could you just start a pile for me now and I'll pick it up when I get there? Oh, yes...did I not mention that I will be there! I will be there!!! Yay! Can't wait to see ya! I have never been and I am so excited!


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