Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Coming up for Air

Hello Stranger. I am alive and well, and am between parties at my house. Last weekend was the 5th Annual Roadkill Chili Cookoff, where I won 2nd place among 15 entries. Yee haw!
2010 May 25 - Primitiques 039
This husband and wife competed against each other and he, who places 1st or 2nd every year, placed 1st, while his wife took 3rd. It was a fun party with some really good chili!
Mindy takes 2nd place!
I imagine you'll hear more later, after David gets his pictures up. Here are the pictures I took of our day.

We were entertained by the vocal talents of Brittnee Lee. Click here and order your cd now. This young lady is going places!
Brittnee Lee
I know, you are starving for junk, aren't you? Click here to see a few things I've picked up lately.

These lockers were sold before I even offloaded them. Aren't they a fun color?

2010May24_newest stuff 003
And now, I am busy getting my home ready for the Clothes Swap. So far, we have 9 ladies coming and a couple have donated clothes, but can't come. I think this is going to be a fun adventure!
2010 May 25 - Primitiques 036
I hope all is well with you. Catch you later, alligator!



  1. Glad you had a good time at your Chili Cook Off! I've been to the Terlingua Chili Cook Off so guess I will have to put Poetry on the calendar for next year!:) I LOVE those lockers!


  2. i don't know...kinda suspicious that you hosted the party and took second place! stinks...or is that the road kill? glad it was a success! btw, i heart those lockers!

  3. I know a good time was had by all! Love those lockers!

  4. Looks like some pretty great clothes. The lockers are awesome and congrats on the chili cook-off!!! Is it a top-secret recipe? I guess it should be since you have this contest going on. You have a year to tweak it, so you can win first. ;-)

    Glad you're having fun!

  5. Are we supposed to be breathing too? I don't have time for that AND work!
    Love the lockers!

  6. For shame, for shame, coming between a husband a wife...


    Great job, I think you oughta post your prize winning recipe for us!

    LOVE those lockers!


  7. And I missed it. I'm STILL slappin' my mama. Oh wait, I'm STILL slappin' the skeeters!!!

    I don't know about those lockers... there sure is a lot of locker love....

    Congratulations on 2nd!!!!! Looks like fun was had by all!!!

    :-D robelyn

  8. MALisa, y'all are invited out any time!

    Janet, living in the country has its advantages. More roadkill variety!

    Pam, it was a blast!

    FringeGirl, the recipe is top secret. I need to tweak it though to beat Mr. 1st place!

    Debbie, breath whenever you can. Whew! I got wind of your show coming up. Can't wait to see what magic y'all come up with!

    Anne, if it were a one time contest, I might consider doing that. But, it's an anuual contest! I can't give my recipe away!

    Robelyn, I'd offer you some chili, but, after 4 days of eating it, I'm almost out. See you Saturday!

    As for the lockers, talk to Miss red.neck Chic herself. She scored, didn't she? ~Mindy

  9. Congrats on 2nd place! Robelyn sure did score...lucky girl!

  10. Did you win a big prize or would it have come from you? I think you need another vacation -- you've been working waaaaay too hard. Cool lockers!!!! Have a great weekend. Jan

  11. Adrienne, thank ya! I can't wait to see you in a couple weeks!

    Jan, you are correct. Vacation with David and his family is 4th of July. I'll be ready! ~Mindy


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