Friday, September 11, 2009

Go Bulldog!

Have you ever been inside of a high school marching band trailer? You know, they have built in cubby holes for the instruments. See?
The Bulldog 010
Those cubbies seem to hold the instrument cases as the band travels hither and yon. You can see the holes from cubby to cubby where some rope runs to help keep instruments from straying.

The aisle is 41" across. That's some pretty good walking room, eh?

This trailer right here has a side door, as well as the end double doors. That can be convenient for the kiddos, huh? This one even has board ramps for rolling the bigger stuff up and in.
The Bulldog 013
Wanna know why I care about this trailer? Why I am going on and on about a marching band trailer with cubby holes? Let me tell you why. David, the man that I love, was looking at Craigslist this morning and he happened to spy this 24' trailer. Now, who, I ask you, has been freaking out about space and weather and open trailers? ME! I have been, if you hadn't noticed.
The Bulldog 001
We met up at the seller's home and BAM! David is now the proud owner of a trailer that we have dubbed The Bulldog. See our mascot? Yee haw!!! (Thank you, honey, for being the supportive man that you are. You never cease to amaze me.)

We may or may not knock some cubbies out for transporting larger pieces of furniture. Not sure yet. I imagine we'll get this show under our belts before we start any deconstruction.

Y'all have a great weekend. We'll be in Athens tomorrow. Maybe we'll see you at Winnie & Tulula's?



  1. Love your blog. I'll try to look you up in Warrenton. I hope to get into Texas a few days before we setup at Marburger. A long drive and by the time we get there we'll be ready to walk!
    Hope to see you soon,

  2. Whoah! What a score...and who says you can't get a bunch of cool stuff on Craig's list?? Great move, that David is somethin', huh? Tami

  3. Mindy, W0W WEE!! I hope you make a special little cubby just for David's camera equipment and some special treats for him to eat and drink. What a nice guy, it is nice he enjoys your hobby and being with you at the shows. How fun for you
    Best wishes, fill that trailer to and from Roundtop. sandi

  4. Y'all, I searched cargo trailers on Craigslist this morning on a whim! I wasn't really looking for anything this big. More like 16' was what I had in mind. But I couldn't help thinking "WOW" when I saw this one! So I emailed Mindy the link and said "WOW!" She emailed me back, "WOW!" When she emailed me her second "WOW," I knew it was time to make something happen! I feel very good about this.

  5. I'm so excited for you! And what a fella you've got there.
    Congrats, you deserve it!
    ~ Anne

  6. Cat Daddy said if you don't marry him...he's gonna! David really does know how to take care of you!

  7. Debbie, I am so glad I hadn't just taken a drink when I read that. I'd have spewed it all over my computer screen. Now, that's funny! David spoils me rotten and I do my best to return the favor, I assure you. He is amazing. ~Mindy

  8. Mindy, "Ask and ye shall receive." Not only do you have David lookin' out for you, but I'd say "The Big Guy" is watchin' out for you, too. Love It!!!

  9. Mindy, what a great trailer and just what you needed. What a great husband!

    I will miss the show on the 25th..etc, we will be on vacation and I am really sorry because it will be such an opportunity to meet so many Texas bloggers at one time,,,,,next time.

    Happy trailering..

  10. Wow...all those shelves are amazing!
    sandy toe

  11. Wow! What a great junkin' trailer. I hope I get to meet David this show. I'm sure you will have a great show. See you soon. Susan

  12. I am having to pay for some friends room to get them to bring their trailer up to Round Top so hopefully I can haul lots-o-goodies back. And look at you! This is GREAT. As someone else mentioned...major trailer envy!

  13. Okay, now I think I'M in love with David! Awesome. Awesome. Awesome!

  14. Oh my Gosh! I am so disgustingly jealous! What a guy?! What a Trailer! Congrats! ps (can I borrow it?)


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