Thursday, September 10, 2009

Junkin' Thursday

I am still buying. My space at Warrenton is 10' x 20'. We've already taken a 25' camper fairly loaded with stuff. David and I will be taking 2 trucks and 2 trailers in less than 2 weeks (*gasp). I do believe that I have more stuff than I have space in vehicles and on the grounds at Zapp Hall. Maybe I should stop buying for the show? I have been buying more for the front window at Winnie & Tulula's. These things here? Window. Saturday. Setting the window. Athens, Texas.
091009Junk 008 Link
Ignore that toile. I'll cover that with a lil something. Here's more:
091009Junk 009
Now, this amazing chair? Don't look for it in the window at W&T's. I do believe it will make the trip to Warrenton. Maybe...hmmm....I need a bigger trailer!
091009Junk 011
Happy Thursday!


  1. LOL...that looks like a Louis Vitton If it is, don't cover it, sell it for BIG $...if not, age it with a little wood stain and call it a 'poor woman's' Louie!
    Wish I could go...looks like a blast! Tami E.

  2. Mindy, that suitcase is something I would fight over. It is awesome! Love your vintage "western" theme. The boots, antlers, hat, really cool idea. I like white and girly, but I also love that masculine look. You've got me hooked. Be sure and take some photos of the window. It'll be great!

  3. Hope you come back with that trailer as empty as Trash Talk's margarita glass!!


  4. Mindy, post your window display at W&T's. I like the masculine look. sandi

  5. Hi Mindy , Is that a trophy?! You have scored some great stuff , its all looking great. The space must be Ginormous!! Have a great time , Sue

  6. I love the black table and the antler thingies...wish I could shop your space! Have an awesome weekend!

  7. Fabulous suitcase, Mindy. Great, great stuff. My question is, how do you find so much good stuff all the time?

  8. Great chair and I really like the balck tables too. You've got great stuff! Can't wait to see pictures of your space all set up.


  9. Oh, I love Amy's comment! Both for the optimism of selling all your stuff and for the mention of margaritas. Maybe we could sneak a trip to L Trevino's in this weekend! The W&T window display is going to be awesome!

  10. Debra and Sandi, I'm glad y'all like the look.

    Yup. We'll take lots of pictures of the window.

    Sue, I think it might be a trophy. It has a marble base. No plaque on it. But, I bet you're right.

    Tami, Debra, Zita, the suitcase is way cool, isn't it? I might throw a burlap "handle" on it, just for the look. Black ribbon might look good. Hmmm...

    Tricia, I knew you would like the chair! It would compliment your 2 chairs, wouldn't it?

    Amy. David and I both love you! mmm hmm Margaritas. Is Debbie supplying those all week, do you suppose?

    Raise your glasses. Here's to empty trucks and trailers, empty margarita glasses, and friends made! Cheers!


  11. Mindy, Amy is a little cocktail du jour is dry, dirty martinis...shaken not stirred with two olives. You'll never know what hit you...until it's too late and you're dancing on one of my tables!

  12. Such is the life of a super successful,
    hot-shot, big-time Warrenton Dealer. ;-)

    ~ Anne

  13. Debbie, indeed! I have heard bout you maritinis. Richard thinks he remembers drinking them! haha

  14. Mindy, Andy would like to know more about that little, round leather case. See you soon. Susan


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