Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hoo loves my Daddy?

A few weeks ago as I walked into my folks' garage, I saw this tall, white owl. His size is what drew me to him. There is a special place in the garage that Dad puts stuff for me to check out. And if I like his finds, I can take 'em. This owl was in that special place.
Big Owl 004
And the more I see him, the more I like him. I do believe I will take the big owl the next time I am there.
Big Owl 002
Hoo loves my daddy? Well, I do. Thanks Dad!

Happy Wednesday!

ps. Yes. I am taking the Corona typewriter, too.


  1. How cute! What is he made of, Mindy? Will you paint him? Better not if he's oak. ;-)
    Love the typewriter!
    ~ Anne

  2. Hi Mindy , That typrwriter is the best. Have a great time in Warrenton. I'll be thinking of you. Sue

  3. He's really cute and has the makings for a great Halloween display. Can I borrow him for my next White Wednesday post?...the owl, that is, not your Daddy! te he.

  4. Have you seen her dadddy? He's pretty cute too!

  5. There ya go, Anne. You are catching on! The owl is wood, carved. And heavyish.

    Sue, we both like that typewriter, huh? And thank you. I sure do think it's going to be fun!

    Debra, you just grab away. Have fun with the owl, not my daddy! haa ha

    Debbie, thanks! He is a cutie. But, I've always been a Daddy's girl.

  6. He would be an awesome Halloween guardian at the front door. Your dad is the best!

  7. Oh! what a sweet Daddy. Give him a hug for me. sandi

  8. That's an awesome owl!!! You've got one great dad.

  9. Hello
    Sounds like you have a pretty nice daddy... Love the typewriter

  10. Yes, I glanced down and got all excited about the typewriter. Now, that's gorgeous! Nice hooter(s) though, too.


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