Monday, August 31, 2009

Show and Tell Monday

We got a lot done this weekend, pricing, packing, cleaning David's camper.

I got this heavy, iron table cleaned up. Thought about painting it black, but plenty of folks still like rusty white. So, I think I'll leave it as is. How would you like it?

David and I be taking our first trip to the fields of Warrenton this weekend. We'll do a little reconnaissance of our surroundings without the benefit of thousands of shoppers and buyers there. Wanna see the camper we'll be staying in? You know how I am about not showing you the goods. So, ignore the goods. Pay attention to the camper only.
2009August30 004
The camper is a 25 foot luxury. Shower, toilet, microwave, good size fridge, decent size closet for all my clothes.

Here is a table top I bought for an industrial table base. But, I like the primitive wood on the back side so much that I decided to sell it as is. Can't you see this hanging over a mantle? Stencil a word or frame a sign with it? Lots of possibilities!
I like this wood
Of course, I got a little shopping in this weekend. I am loving these two chairs. I'll try to schmooze David into cutting some bottoms for them. Maybe cover them in burlap for the show. Hmmm...

I hope you've enjoyed this little show and tell.

Happy Monday!


  1. I did enjoy the show and tell, Mindy!

    I'd leave the table the way it is - rusty and white. Have fun in your luxury camper, it sounds like lots of fun.
    Have a great week!

  2. Great stuff! Love the table top too...not sure what I'd do with it, but it looks interesting. I have the same chair that you have on the left and it has no seat either. I put a plant in it and called it a day...:-)
    Tami E.

  3. Mindy, You sure do make it hard not to notice any of the great chippy, rusty stuff you will be bringing to Warrenton!! Love the table the way it is...I know I will be shopping with you girl! We take our camper next weekend...

  4. Well I wish you luck in the empty fields, maybe you'll find a treasure or two that someone left behind from the year before. You never know. I'll be right behind you too taking my RV down there early as well.

  5. Love the iron table base! Leave it rusty white!

  6. Love the goods! I'm one of those people who still like rusty white.


  7. I vote leave it white. If they want it a color, there's always spray paint. Wish we could send some of our cool weather. Just hope it holds out until our open house. Love the camper. Jan

  8. Man, you have found some great stuff! I feel confident you will do great. We are bringing everything we can load!

  9. Mindy, great stuff. I would paint the iron base black. I have been painting a lot of black lately and my customers are loving it...We are not as rustic in CA as in TX. White with rust is in but I think the black looks so Frenchie. lol. Sandi

  10. Hey girlie.. I have many many corks - if you need them for display give me a shout. You are welcome to em'!

  11. Cyberspace just ate my comment, so I will just say... love the rusty white table base, and what's up with the one leg? A lamp for David? Have a fun trip!

  12. Hey Girl!
    Sally just called "Shot Gun", she is going to ride on down to round top!
    See you soon!

  13. Glad you're not painting the table - it's perfect as is. BTW, nice leg by the trailer. I think you've definitely got some curious goods there, Mindy.

  14. Table is perfect in the rusty white. My husband and I are doing the camper thing in Canton this weekend and I can't wait.

  15. I'd say it was an overwhelming "leave it as is". Therefore, I thank you. One less thing for me to do! Perhaps I can find a glass top for it between now and then though. It's always something! Thanks for the input y'all. That was fun! ~Mindy

  16. A little slow here, but love that table (as is). hee hee. It's a great piece. You're going to be living in luxury down there. Yea for you!

  17. Love it! Will see you at the show! xo...deb

  18. LOVE that white iron table. Keep it as is, and you won't have it for long. SOOOO wish I was coming this time, but have to wait until Spring. XOX

  19. The chairs would make perfect planters!
    I'm curious about the leg....

  20. Holly, I'm not sure if you are curious interested, or curious intrigued, or curious-what on earth?...if I can answer any questions, feel free to drop me an email at . Thanks!


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