Thursday, September 3, 2009

Felix the Cat(fish) in Poetry

This week, I've been working on getting ready for Warrenton. I ran out to Winnie & Tulula's to restock. I hit Primitiques and robbed merchandise to pack up for the big show at Zapp Hall. I hate to run out of goods at the show! I added a new feature "About Warrenton" to the left column on my blog. So, you ask, what did I do this morning? I walked out to my pond.
Pond 006
I live on 5 wooded acres and can just barely see the pond from my kitchen window. I wondered if the fish were missing me, as I hadn't been down to feed them in a while. After throwing a handful of feed out, the fish started jumpin'! Here's Felix the Cat (fish).
Felix the Cat-fish
And his friend, the red slider turtle, Red came out.
Felix and Red
I know. I know. You wanna see junk, don't you? Ok. So, here's the super big fan that I have down by my pond. It stands almost 5' tall. Love it! Don't you?
Pond 028
Back to shopping. cleaning, fixing, pricing, packing tomorrow. And I'll try to take some pics, too!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Ahh, love your little critters! And your fan too!

  2. Hello Mindy, I love the pond do you have a dog? My Barney would be in there all the time. Are you finding a lot of new things for Warrenton? You must be having a lot of fun getting ready for the show. Have a nice Friday hunting for goodies.... Sandi

  3. You got some great picturs of Felix! I remember the first time I read about Felix! ;-) Love you!

  4. That is one BIG fish, tehe! Love the pond, your property is beautiful, Mindy. How do you keep up with it all?

  5. Hi Sandi, I don't have a dog. I have lots of cats and they are pretty funny, watching the fish in the pond. I have found a lot of stuff for the show. I keep asking myself how I'm going to get it all there! You're right. I am having a lot of fun.

    David, the first time you heard about Felix was when you read my profile almost 2 years ago! Wow! Good memory, mister!

    Debra, thank you. A fortunate part about my land is that it is wooded. This is fortunate in that it is beautiful, but also because it requires little upkeep. Very little mowing. Free firewood. The pond does need some cattail extermination. I don't always feel like I'm enjoying my land as much as I'd like. But, after the show, in the cooler weather, I imagine I'll get to chop some wood and enjoy a bonfire or 2 down at the pond!


  6. Mindy, thank you SO much for posting the info about Warrenton to the left there! It is much needed and muchly appreciated.
    LOVE your fan!
    See you in just a few weeks!

  7. Wow, you're teaming with wildlife! Very cool.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  8. I can't wait to meet you at Warrenton. We will be there the last weekend. Save us some stuff.

  9. You live on five acres with all these surprises? It's a wonder you ever want to leave. You're one lucky girl.

    Hope the sale goes well for you!


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