Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Location, Location, Location

I have been to Zapp Hall a total of 2 times in my entire life. So, don't expect this to be incredibly detailed. But, if you are a visual person, like I am...you will find this very helpful. I hope! First, let me introduce you to Zapp Hall.
Early trip to Warrenton 09Sept 019
Off hwy 237 in Warrenton, you will turn at the Diamond Shamrock station. Here is the map if you need that visual. After turning, you will eventually come to a fork in the road, go right, and follow the directions of the nice parking lot people. You will have to pay a nominal fee to park, but our show is free. So, there ya go.

If you get to where you are looking at Zapp Hall from this position, to the left of Zapp, you will see the big tent. This is luxury shopping right here. Lots of great sellers under one roof. Head in and peruse. You'll be glad you did. Of course, inside Zapp Hall, there are lots of dealers, as well.

Now, see the concrete steps in dead center of Zapp Hall? To the left of those steps you will see Theresa of Garden Antqs Vintage . You gotta stop and shop with Theresa. After you visit T, see that little building past Zapp? That is where you will find The Ms. Carolyn Westbrook. Her front steps are on the left side of the building, as you will see in this picture.
After drooling over Carolyn's linens, stand on her steps and turn around 180 degrees. You'll see this...
Royer's at Zapp
Royer's cafe. The very best food. I can't say more or my stomach will start growling. Better food than I can explain. This food, you will not find in any other show. A-ma-zing. See those cute mattress springs? Go left of them and here is what you'll see...
Early trip to Warrenton 09Sept 022
That is Royer's Cafe on the right, and Zapp Hall on the left. Are you with me? See that sandy patch where grass won't grow close to the end of the buildings in the middle? That is where our very own Miss Talking Trash and Cat Daddy sell their wares. I think the grass refuses to grow anymore, cuz everyone keeps coming back to shop and visit with Debbie and Danny.

Ok. Now. What I am about to tell you is HOToff the presses.
side of Zapp
Somewhere out here, I, too, will be set up. Me. Here. Between Zapp Hall and Royer's Cafe. This location became finalized today. So, if you have heard otherwise, I am sorry for the confusion. This is where David and I will be. Come see us here. Very exciting!!!

Now, turn around 180 degrees and look past Carolyn's. You will see a really big tent shared by Gina and Alan of Country Garden Antiques and Richard of Alston's Old Home Place. You know you need to bring lots of money and your biggest truck and trailer, right?

Whew! There you have it. These are the people that I have personally met, who will be at Zapp Hall Friday, September 25 through Saturday, October 3, 9am-6pm daily. You really must know that there are lots of other sellers and spaces...I just don't know the people. Heck, the Junk Gypsies are somewhere on the other side of Richard. You'll figure it all out. I just wanted to give you a little visual before you get there.

Did I mention I'll be between Zapp and Royer's? Uh huh. It's true!

If you haven't discovered my "About Warrenton" column on the left, check it out. When I update it, the new things appear on top of the list.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. whew, I'm dizzy, from all that turnin' around, and mad cause I won't be there! Don't forget to take tons of photos in between all your madhouse sales!

  2. I feel like I have had a little better taste of Texas junkin' now. Thanks, Mindy. I am putting this on my to do list for next year now that I have the rest of life almost under control! Wishes for a sell out success! Hugs, Pam

  3. Mindy, I am so excited for YOU! You are right there with all of the big girls, what a fantastic space between Zapp Hall and all that great food!! I hope you are going to be there in the Spring too. I wish you the best of time and sales. sandi

  4. What a primo spot, Mindy! At least now you'll be easy for me to find. Thanks for the tip bout painting furniture and for letting David know my sitch. You shouldn't paint oak? Seriously? For reals?

  5. Oh, so they moved you from the original spot you told us you were going to be in? Glad you told us I would have been out by the light pole, up front looking for you!

  6. I am so jealous!!! I want to go so bad... I hope you have an amazing time and sell am the stuff you are hauling down..... hugs, Val

  7. I'm gonna close my eyes, click my heels together and repeat "there's no place like Zapp Hall" and see what happens! Would so love to be there! Kick some junk butt!

  8. Ahh, memory lane....(I'm wiping a tear from my eye right about now)and now I'm really really sad..no, mad that I won't be there this show. Take lots and lots of pictures, Mindy. Maybe you'll find a treasure or two while you there also...grin

  9. OOOOh I am soooo sad that we are not going to be able to go to the BIGGEST show in Texas! I have been before and LOVE it! Deidra and I hope to be able to set up in that show some time down our Junkin Road of life! We will be in Canton the same time......hope you have fun, and Happy Junkin! Cathy of "Girls Gone Junkin"

  10. our favorite place on earth . . .
    xoxoxo, the junk gypsies

  11. Hiya Mindy!
    Thank you oodles for sending my refinishing problem on to your dear David. Man, did he come through for me or WHAT?!?! Can't wait to thank you BOTH at Warrenton!
    Appreciative hugs,

  12. Have I mentioned how much I love it when y'all leave comments? I really do. Thank you. ~Mindy

  13. I can't wait. THis is going to be my first trip to Round Top. I'm getting all giddy!

    Great big smiles,

  14. Mindy, thanks for your prayers for our family!

  15. Hey Mindy!

    It was so great meeting you in Warrenton. I love my boxspring! I will have to show pictures of it filled with all my pictures and cards soon. Now, I am wishing I would have bought the clock, too!

    Anyway, I can't wait to start following your blog and hopefully I will get to see you again at the Spring show.

    Take care,


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