Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Brown Christmas Tree

Last year, I shared that I wanted a Brown Christmas Tree here
and here. Alas, I did not get one.

This year when I started verbalizing my Brown Tree desires again, my friend, Robelyn (who may or may not be tired of my search for a brown tree) sent me to Jill Ruth & Co's blog. Click here and be in awe of Jill's creativity! Go ahead. I'll wait...

She literally trimmed her tree! I love it!

Did you notice how Jill talked about how her trimming took almost 3 hours. Either her tree is smaller than mine, or I hate her for being so much better with scissors than I am.

Yup. David helped.
2010November6-7_The P 002
The man is a saint.
2010November6-7_The P 004
Long, hairy branches...
2010November6-7_The P 005
...became svelt.
2010November6-7_The P 009
What was green became brown. Yummy, chocolate, glossy brown.
2010November11_Brown Tree 006
2010November15_The P 005
Ten hours later, after trimming the tree and spray painting it, my Uncle Bill's donated tree became my dreamy Brown Christmas Tree. You can click here to see all of the pictures I took.

Sure, I'll sell this one! I want to do a bigger one for me. Maybe I'll get it done in time for next Christmas. hmmmm...David? Whatcha doin' next weekend? And the next? And the next? And the next?

A BIG thanks to Jill for sharing her creation. I am thrilled with mine!

Happy Brown Christmas Day!

ps. To all of you "do'ers" out there, my hat is off to you. I admire the time and dedication you give to projects that I, normally, would never attempt.


  1. Love your tree Mindy...Here is a old post of my extreme tree trim I did last year, and posted on Jill's Junkle Bells party, It is sitting in the famous little washtub, I bought from you. I tried to bleach mine but that didn't work. It did get the wires good and rusty though.


  2. Oh, girl, I think you put in WAY TOO MANY hours on this project! All you had to do was set that fake tree on fire! The end result would be a tree with very short needles and a charcoal brown-black color! Just call me next time! :)


  3. MALisa, believe it or not, there is a $1 tree in my truck right now, waiting for a blow torch. We're gonna try it and see what happens. I'm afraid the melted "effect" might not be attractive. Will get back to you. HA! ~Mindy

  4. fun, I want to see how that tree turns out! Lezlee

  5. Mindy
    That is so cool, Im sure all of us want a David, I mean a brown tree. Really I love it and how you stylized it.


  6. Kate, would it surprise you that David styled the tree with the flowers? He did! We had balls all over it and when I declared that I HATED it, he started throwing the flowers on. Love it! Need about 30 more! Thank you! ~Mindy

  7. Hi Mindy
    I'm so glad you got your brown tree! That David - he's a Keeper for sure :)
    The store looks great ( I've been lurking )

  8. Hi Mindy! I just came over from Kate's blog, Salvage Dior. I am so understanding your love for a brown tree!! You'll never believe what I had in my booth last Christmas....YES, a beautiful, flocked, dark chocolate brown Christmas tree - and pre-lit no less!! You can see a couple pics from a post on my other blog:
    I found it at Z Gallerie on clearance a few years before that. I fell IN LOVE with brown and aqua at that time, those were our wedding colors, too.
    Anyway, I found a seller on ebay that sells every color of flocking you can imagine and now I'm thinking with your inspiration, I can make another one! Yay!
    Looking forward to following and seeing more of your ideas!

  9. One time I set a tree on fire... I was cooking or something. Anyway, the burning thing? Might work. Keep me posted on that!!!

    I think your tree is MOST AWESOME!!! You and David ROCKED that tree!!! I'll be sending one along to you two shortly... I'd like mine turquoise please...

    ;-D robelyn

  10. Mindy, What a patient man you have to trim that tree. That must have taken hours. So cute, worth it. Judy

  11. Hey, as long as you're doing a turquoise one for Robelyn....do one for me too!
    Really cool idea.....your shop is looking fab.

  12. Sue, good to hear from you! Thanks!

    Missy, I heard Z Gallerie had them. Hate that I missed that clearance! Good for you!

    Robelyn and Cassie, Oh...I'll make you one in whatever color you want. But, you will pay dearly. he he he

    Judy, it did take hours! We sat and cut and visited for hours on end. It was a nice "forced" time of sitting still. That is a rarity! ~Mindy

  13. Mindy your tree turned out fabulous! I love the red flowers on it too! Crazy how long it took...maybe I was just messier than you when I did mine. I had some serious sweeping to do after! I kind of like the torch idea. You have to wonder though if there might be some fumes let off that might not be so good. I have torched ugly wood shutters and that worked really well to give a nice aged look.


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