Sunday, November 28, 2010


Who ate too much? (me)

Who enjoyed family? (me)

Who shopped til they dropped? (not me)

I am currently avoiding decorating my home. How's that going for you? Anything new up your sleeve this year? The lights aren't all working on my tree and I think I need another egg nog. Who hates all the non-working lights? ME!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Oh, Mindy, you have owl pee on your blog! Ewww! :)
    I'm not decorating either. Maybe I will...maybe I won't.


  2. MALisa, I should have known that was coming from you! haha Well, the tree is in the house. I've put deer antlers in a dr's bag. I spray painted a small tree brown. that's all. Oh. The lights. Yeah, they are plugged in and some are working. Now, I'm at a standstill. Ugh. Blasted lights.

  3. i say... drink some more egg nog... it makes everything brighter. LOLOLOL

    i can't wait to see your house all decorated up for Christmas!!! get busy!!!

    or, get some more nog.

    ;-D robelyn

  4. That old joke with the punch line "Not you fuzzy butt" keeps going thru my mind!
    Can I just light a candle this year and call it done?

  5. Yes. Debbie, light a candle. You could get away with that, cuz your house always looks amazing.

    Robelyn, I am following your advice and getting a refill.

  6. I told myself that I would get my fireplace painted before decorating. Got the paint & the ladder but still not painted. Maybe I'll just have a glass of wine & contemplate. Somehow it makes me feel better knowing others aren't into it yet. Wish me luck! Jan

  7. I didn't go shopping either. I really feel like I missed out. :(

    I have my tree up, but haven't done any other decorating . . . yet.

    Enjoy your eggnog!

  8. that owl is pretty


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