Monday, November 15, 2010

Fun at The P

Dadgummit, this new place is fun!
2010November12_ 006
We enjoyed Christmas at The P this past Saturday, and I can handle that kind of day over and over and over again. With lots of friends, family and customers stopping in, we had hugs and happiness all day long!
2010November15_The P 003
In fact, Theresa came for a visit and posted about it on her new blog, Discarded and Forlorn. Thank you, Theresa for your kind words and great pictures! It's always nice to visit with you and your family.
2010November15_The P 007
See the brown Christmas tree? I'll tell you all about it next time.

David took lots of pictures of our open house and will get those up soon.

A big thanks to everyone who came out! We hope you had fun, too!

Happy Day!


  1. Hey, It looks so great and love the twiggy brown tree! Lezlee

  2. Sooo festive! I love the "twiggy" tree!
    Cathy aka GGJ

  3. Oh, what fun. So glad for you, and to have so many friends and family there with you! The shop looks great!

  4. This is me crying :-(. I wanted to come, but getting ready for W&T's is killing me. Remind me never to do a Christmas window AND my booth again!
    The shop looks fantastic.

  5. I love the brown tree, I want one! :)

  6. Mindy, I had so much fun looking at all your pretties. You've done a great job of displaying and my mom really loved her candle even more so after she said it makes the room smell so good!! We'll be back soon.

  7. Glad you had a great day, sorry I missed it. The twig tree is cool. Love my dome I got from you. I filled with an old clock and buttons. I have a picture of it on my blog somewhere.

  8. Your shop looks great. I am so ready to see it in person. I'll be there soon.
    aka Junk Palace


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