Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Big Picture

2010November4_Tree 005
I picked this up today at a thrift store and put it in my buggy.

I liked the looks of it, but didn't get up close and personal like this.
2010November4_Tree 005
I accidently dropped it on the floor and nothing happened. No breakage. Nothing. I thought a twig would break or something.
2010November4_Tree 004

That's when I picked it up and looked real close. Do you see the wires and the pipes? It's some kind of copper tubing. Ready to see the big picture?
2010November4_Tree 003

Ooo laa laa!

Don't you love it? Talk about a great job of "re-purposing!"

I looked around for another dozen, but no such luck.

Happy Day!



  1. So, guess what. Kelly (sis) looked at it and said "it's extension cords". I'll be darned! It's not copper! Wild! ~Mindy


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