Monday, November 22, 2010

What's Happening

Sometimes, it's nice to slow down and have "us" time.

Between getting The Primitique up and running, and hunting season, and our real jobs, and all kinds of other time suckers, we played hooky from it all and ran away this past weekend. Good times! Do you ever do that?
Old Globe
With the long weekend coming up, you know I'm scheming and planning already. Are you?
Joe Ned silver cup
Maybe I'll put up a Christmas tree at my house.
2010November22_The P 001
Switch out the closets from summer clothes to not summer clothes.
2010November22_The P 002
Clean house, maybe?
2010November22_The P 003
This will be the first long Thanksgiving weekend that I have not been in Winnie & Tulula's. But, don't you forget to go visit all my friends who are still there! I'm sure everything will be beautiful!
2010November22_The P 011
In regard to Black Friday shopping? I would like to encourage you to be a part of utter chaos in Royse City. This Friday: Come out to Royse City and visit The Primitique. Crowd the doors until they open, then (politely) run over other shoppers. Grab everything that you want and head to the checkout stand. Demand 15% off any ONE item.

Welllll, it would be a mighty entertaining Black Friday in Royse City if you did do all that! We will be open from 8 to 6.
And even if you are nice about selecting your goods, you will still get 15% off any one item.
redneck.chic handbags
By the way, I just took these pictures at the store this morning. Maybe you see something you like? Come and get it! So, are ya coming?

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Just let me get this open house under my belt and I'll be heading your way soon!
    Glad you and David got some time away...y'all deserve it!

  2. I would love to get some free time away, but alas that never seems to happen! I always say one of these days! We pick up a new RV on Wednesday (traded our old one for a larger one) and will be staying in it whilst we remodel our house! That's what we call getting away! Pretty sad isn't it!

    I would love to shop at The P! I am doing The Red Barn in Jan. maybe I can plan a trip to see you then!


  3. Enjoy your weekend Mindy....and be careful with all those shoppers!
    Happy Thanksgiving~

  4. I hope the shoppers swarm The P on plaid friday! You and David have a nice, relaxed Thanksgiving. House cleaning can wait...forever! :)


  5. Mindy, in my little town this is a good time of year for shopping. There are no long lines and shopping is always fun in my store. The malls are packed and there are shuttles to give you a ride to the mall, because you have to park so far out. At may store you can park on two sides of the store or a parking lot across the street. I hope you have a good shopping at The P for Christmas.

  6. So glad you and David had a chance to get away from it all - you certainly deserve it! p.s. Happy Thanksgiving to you all, Mindy!

  7. Love this picture of you guys...getting away must have been just what you both are glowing!


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